1. D

    HTC Sensation - 1 GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone

    HTC Sensation unlocked and rooted, running ICS. A few scratches on the screen but these are hairline scratches and hardly noticeable. The largest one is around 4mm and with the screen on it can't be seen. I can't get a good photo of these. Where the screen joins the frame also have a few wear...
  2. N

    C63 steering rattle knocking sensation

    I've recently purchased a C63 standard. So no PP or PPP. It has 19 inch rims and 4000 miles. Excellent condition and car all round with everything still very tight however... There appears to be a significant steering knocking sensation over bumpy roads. The column physically feels tight...
  3. M

    Slow Ticking sensation in Brake Pedal

    Hi Guys, I am concerned about the second hand car I have purchased. Basically, at slow speeds, when I press the break pedal, I feel a tick vibration every 2 seconds. I have driven other cars with ABS and there is no such ticking. It has just been serviced by Mercedes and they said all is fine...
  4. weebobster

    Ive got that excited, hearting beating sensation

    you know the feeling .. ..wifey has just cleared me to trade in my silver2002 C220 CDi Avantgarde estate for another silver merc.. I havnt had this sensation since 2003 when I bought the car and am now going to enjoy every wee minute of stalking its replacement (maybe another C class estate or...
  5. rizal2510

    W202 wierd steering sensation when turning

    My 98 C200 Esprit 110k has been developing a weird sensation when turning right especially when taking 3 point turns/parking ( only at slow speed ). It feels like the whole car is drifting right, like I have no control whatsoever when turning right.Also sometimes it feels like I'm turning over a...
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