1. I

    Suspended sentence for mechanic who scammed customers

    Makes an interesting change to see something actually being done. Suspended sentence for Chatteris mechanic who scammed customers - Peterborough Telegraph
  2. Lee C63

    Eescaped prison sentence for 140+mph

    Drivers Caught At 144mph On A19 Spared Prison Not only were they driving at crazy illegal speeds but look how close the Evo is to the RS. 21 year old driver of the RS???? Very lucky not to be locked up.
  3. Palfrem

    Frenchman has sentence cut because he is foreign

    Killer driver's sentence slashed 'because he is French' - Telegraph I despair! Will this now open the floodgates for Johnny Foreigner....
  4. st13phil

    Drunk driver maims biker and gets custodial sentence?

    Nope. Unlike the 122mph biker who didn't actually injure anyone but got banged up for 6 months, this muppet gets drunk, drives into the path of a biker who suffers a broken leg, broken thumb and burns that left him permanently scarred, yet the perp gets a 15-month ban, 6 points on his license...
  5. R

    Sentence for murder now 4 years..

    This is just sending the wrong message to our problem kids in cities. Maybee once the problem gets bad enough that a couple of judges are killed then sentencing will become appropriate. The whole concept of a life sentence being 15...
  6. glojo

    Life sentence for murder must be axed!!

    Extract from the Times: ***** Judges would have the discretion to match sentences more closely to the crime, reflecting a wide variation in crimes classed as murder at present, from sadistic serial killings of children to a doctor giving an injection to a patient who begs to have his life...
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