1. ACID

    TorqueFlow on MSL Dyno Day 18th Sep

    MSL Mercedes Dyno day is creeping up on the 18th September, Torqueflow are offering a special deal for de cats only, their normal price is £275 - £300 for a secondary de cat, they're offering the first 4 decats at an amazing price of £200 - £225. Book now as spaces are limited....... Their...
  2. jamesfuller

    Pistons & Props show 28-29th Sep

    This is a classic car, bike and aviation show and you will see some of them in action. It will be held at Sywell Aerodrome Northamptonshire. A fantastic location with a very good restraunt. Its well worth a visit. I shall attend on Sunday, if you see me (smoke silver w126) come and say...
  3. D

    East Midlands-A1 Curry Night 28 Sep

    Who's up for a mid-week curry? Plan is to meet up on Thursday 29 Sep at 7:30pm at a Curry House just south of Peterborough, one mile from J16 A1(M). So Far: DogWagen CKLClive Post up if if you'd like to join us and I'll book a table Mike
  4. S

    2007 ML63 Mercedes Tier 1 warranty until Sep 2011, loaded with options

    ML63 AMG Main Dealer Warranty until Sep 2011 on eBay (end time 09-May-11 12:38:11 BST)
  5. robert.saunders

    fuel prices increasing 1 Sep

    A reminder the duty on fuel increases 1 Sep; and that's before the VAT at 15% ends later this year :wallbash:
  6. gary350

    What Car Sep 2006

    The new What Car has pics and info on the following MBs New C photoshop pics New ML420cdi - test New GL420cdi - test New CL readers test reviews Read about owner of 3 week old B Class and recurring (seems to be inherrent fault in the car)power loss and MB failure to help, they offered...
  7. DR1VER

    NW/Cheshire GTG Wednesday 25 May 2011 at The Dog

    Hi This follows on from a previous post, just thought i'd make a new one with all details on. The meet will be on the 1st tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at So the first one will be on the 1st of August. Look forward to seeing you there...
  8. S

    OH NO! RUST! W220 S Class Sep 01. Advice please!?

    Don't know if this is very clear, but you can just about see rust blisters forming towards the bottom of the wheelarch. The car isn't even five years old yet! Grrrrr:mad: The car has done 80,000 miles and has a FMBSH at Redhill. I'm the second owner and haven't needed a service yet!
  9. M

    GTG at Duxford Air Museum - 28 Sep 2003

    Folks The SE Region of the Mercedes Benz Club [ie me] is organising an informal meeting [aka GTG] at Duxford Air Museum ... This an open invitation to all you folks to come along [we are probably meeting from 10:30am]... We had a very successful GTG last weekend [thanks Maff / Paul] and...
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