1. GLK

    SAM: reason for separate wiring for left/right lamps?

    A question has come up during a discussion, on the best possible location for my FLASH••A••BRAKE™ unit, when a customer desires to have all three lights controlled by the adaptive brake light system, just like the OE system does. Say, we have a SAM with three different outputs (pins) for...
  2. st13phil

    Police separate fighting shareholders at Mercedes AGM

    Police called to break up fight over sausages at Mercedes shareholder meeting. You couldn't make it up :rolleyes:
  3. knighterrant

    Keep business and personal bank accounts separate?

    My wife has a small hairdressing business that she runs from home working alone and less than full time. She doesn't turn over big money but it gets us some nice holidays every year. A few years ago she had a much larger business with a few staff and a turnover in excess of £250k. At that time...
  4. M

    Active Charcoal Cabin Filter or Separate Charcoal filter?

    Hi all, My dads W211 220 CDI is due a service soon. It has option 581 fitted so it has Thermotronic Climate Control with the extra climate control's for the rear passengers. I am a bit confused looking in the service booklet stating Dust Filter and Charcoal filter, does my car have a...
  5. P

    APS 50 Sat Nav & separate 6 Disc Changer out of W211

    Fully working, I have just upgraded to the NTG 2.5 Model. Make me an offer somebody, now surplus to requirements. Photos can be sent also I have found an installer in Bradford who will retro fit for £100-£150 depsnding on what your current set up is. It's called OEM Retrofits.
  6. Stratman

    Separate Phonebook in Outlook?

    I want to back up/edit my mobile phone contacts (K750i). Sony have stopped supporting it, and the PC Suite which came with it doesn't offer contact backup anyway. The newer PC Suite 6 doesn't support the K750i. I have MS Office 2010 with Outlook. I tried a backup/restore sync once. Disaster...
  7. A

    ML270CDI - Separate Transmission Cooler?

    Hi All, Newbie question - have searched forums before posting this but need clarification - just bought an 02 ML270CDI auto - 85k kms on it - goes great. Had the transmission serviced the other day and the mechanic told me he didnt like the look of the ATF - looked a bit dark. He was convinced...
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