1. Twistedmind

    Seperate ATF Oild Cooler

    Hi All Whats the best position for a seperate oil cooler ? Near the bonet catch, or lower down infront of the turbo intercooler ? Anybody have pics of one installed ??
  2. G

    seperate gearbox oil cooler fitted

    2002 w211 e320cdi So yesterday i fitted a 13 row oil cooler, inline 80 degree thermostat, gearbox oil & filter, wiring plug & new sump seal. Only got pics of fitting the cooler
  3. G

    e320cdi seperate oil cooler info needed

    Going to fit a seperate gearbox oil cooler to my 52 w211 e320cdi but need to know what sort of size i will need. Has anyone got info on which cooler will be suitable please????? want to get this done asap. thanks in advance
  4. ioweddie

    Do I need seperate breakdown cover?

    I might be dumb but just had a thought! :dk: The car is a 62 reg c220 sport plus, bought new and still under warranty for almost 2 more years. if I breakdown off the Isle of Wight (where I live and where I bought the car) Who do I call, not a lot of good ringing the supplying dealer as they are...
  5. S

    55 A-class W169 vibration noise when moving off and a seperate purring noise

    Hi, Recently bought a 55plate A170 Automatic, lovely car, however, there is 2 distinct seperate noise/vibration issues, which I wonder if anyone can shed any light on. The first, when moving off, you can feel a slight vibration and noise which disappears once above 10mph say. The vibration...
  6. M

    Same AMG wheels made in two seperate places?

    Today, while I was washing and waxing my wheels off the car, I noticed that my AMG wheels are made in different places. They are all genuine AMG Aero II's - :confused:(Same design as the W210 E55). Anyway, they all have the same part number, but one of the four is made in Belgium, and the...
  7. DSLiverpool

    SL R129 Hardback Broch and Price list (seperate)

    Dated 15/9/98 its the wrong one for my car - this covers the SL280 to SL600 99 model year facelifted with the smooth wing mirrors Im not a book expert but I would say this is mint and the price list with it has the metal binder lugs similar to the car manuals Inc recorded delivery (and well...
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