1. G

    C63 amg coupe to black series conversion...gone

    With a heavy heart the black conversion has gone to a new home So much has changed since the project was started and couldnt justify tying up that much money in a car Has been a traumatic build the like of which i doubt anyone will undertake New owner is sure to be on here soon as he has a...
  2. G

    C63 AMG COUPE CONVERSION to Black series

    My car is up for sale in the for sale ads:eek::eek: not in a rush and please no comments on price as that is the price i would take otherwise i will keep the car and some may think its good some will not but pls respect my rqst PLEASE NO SILLY OFFERS ABOUT HOW YOU WILL DO ME A FAVOUR AND TAKE...
  3. G

    C63 AMG COUPE CONVERSION to Black series

    I have decided to sell my project......£45000.00.......... Please please no comments/opinions about price this is a for sale ad 2014 C63 amg converted to Black series body Car is MiNT condition Spec as follows Bodywork Full Black series conversion using all orig Mb Panels except bonnet...
  4. R

    Potential new clk63 black series owner

    hi, currently considering buying a clk63 black series I test drove today and thought this would be a good place to get some info on the car which may assist in my decision. Only amg I've owned in the past was slk32 amg, but did run a ml350 as a daily for 3 years. Have owned performance cars...
  5. R

    Clk black series advice

    Evening all, new member as of 5 mins ago looking for input & advice. I test drove a 2007 clk63 amg black series today and subject to sorting an issue with the ppf with the dealer I am intending on buying it. Just wondered if any body could offer any buying advice or knows any of the cars...
  6. mercmanuk

    tag heuer 4000 series steel

    tag heuer 4000 series steel owned from new 30 yrs never failed or looses time.has plenty of wear marks as would be expected but nothing serious.has 3 xtra links fitted to strap.comes in original box which is as new.might have purchase receipt but will check. looking to sell as ive just bought...
  7. M

    Did we made wrong choice..?? BMW 5 series or Audi A6 better than W213..?

    I love to hear "No"!!
  8. J

    Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series: Spotted

    Who needs forced induction ;0)
  9. stwat

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

  10. G

    After an eternity my c63 amg immitation black series

    After 14 Months of Eurocharged doing their best to drive me insane i now present Thunderbird 1 CLICK ON THE PIC Adam from Arl coachworks has been a lifesaver after the fiasco at Eurocharged and has created a one off
  11. W

    Finally the happy owner of a CLK63 Black Series

    Always desperately wanted a CLK63 BS since 2007 and finally made the purchase a couple of weeks ago. 1,500 miles in so far and loving it! Think its the best car I have driven. Great to be back in a Mercedes after a few years away!! :D
  12. grober

    Top Gear The New Series Trailer. [YOUTUBE HD]xN_An7VaMDk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  13. R

    C63 black series wheels

    Looking for a full set of genuine wheels. In 100% good condition, color black
  14. C

    Later 124 series - what kind of bonnet badge is correct?

    I have a 1995 (built late 1994) E220 Cabriolet - a "second facelift" A124. On Christmas Day I managed to chamois the bonnet and catch my coat sleeve on the "gunsight" type Mercedes-Benz star badge, and break it off. Got a fake version for £11.49 on eBay. The parts visible above the bonnet...
  15. Abcan

    Clk63 black series replica

    This keeps popping up in my search for a MB cargo net. The bloke seems to be getting a irate...
  16. C

    124 series - switch next to cigar lighter

    The cigar lighter is inside the front ashtray on my 1995 124-series cabriolet. Right underneath it is a "slider" - see pic. It's not mentioned in the handbook, so what does this do, please? The socket comes live only with the ignition switch into the accessory or drive positions ... and the...
  17. Growy16

    Black Series boot wing spoiler

    Looking for a BS rear wing spoiler if anybody has one. Not a nasty one. Thanks
  18. F

    Ferrari Dino 246 GT 'E' Series
  19. jfhuk

    7 speed autobox on E series W212 not selecting D or R when starting occasionally

    Just lately I've been getting the odd occasion that no gear is being selected when I move the selector to D or R after starting the car (plus the D or R light in the speedo doesn't come on) the car just sits in Park (P). If I restart the car and select the gear again then I can select the gear...
  20. R

    C63 black series specs

    hi, does anyone have a list of optional extra codes and descriptions that was available when ordering the car? I'm looking at one at the moment but want to know how highly spec'd it is? cheers :thumb:
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