1. mark44

    Anyone changed thier c63 serpentine belt? Help!

    To cut a long story short, I'm trying to change my serpentine belt on my c63. Got a new one from MB, correct part number - pretty much same length. I'm really struggling getting it over the tensioner pulley - it seems about 1 inch too short, and there is zero give. Access is very hard with...
  2. Bobsta

    Driving C63 without auxiliary / serpentine / v-belt?

    Hi folks. The aux belt on my '09 C63 shredded this morning - lost power steering, battery light came on. Fortunately I was less than a mile from home so made it back OK. My local MB specialist garage is 2 miles / 5 mins away and I'm booked in for Monday morning. The question is - is it OK to...
  3. S

    M272 serpentine belt came off

    Hello, wondering if someone can help. To cut a long story short I was spraying a bit of silicon spray on the belt, think I caught it with the straw and to my surprise, the belt came off :eek: After a bit of stressing, went on you tube and managed to find the 17mm tensioner and put it back...
  4. 4

    serpentine belt snaped in w211 ??

    Hello what does happens if serpentine belts snape while driving in w211 270 cdi ???
  5. PhilG

    Serpentine belt snapped on OM642

    Wife called me yesterday with kids in the car, no power steering and a smell of burnt rubber. Oh good. Recovered the car home, had a look and there is bits of belt everywhere. I've got it all out. The top idler pulley has been completely lunched, all torn up. Part #9 on this diagram...
  6. W

    Serpentine belt W124

    Hi, Has anyone got a diagram of how the belt is routed? Stoopidly, I took the old one off thinking it would be obvious, but erm... it isn't! It's a '95 E320 estate with aircon btw.
  7. E

    Need some help on my new 250d serpentine belt numbers

    Recently purchased a european model 250d i need some info on the belt part numbers. Vehicle has no airconditioning on it just power steering. I am not sure which belt it uses. Anyone has a 250d or know the part numbers of the belt that would be appreciated.
  8. 5

    Serpentine belt tensioner - help!

    Hello all - gave a local garage my car to change the fan belt and the car has returned with the new fan belt totally loose and the tensioner seems to be broken :mad:. MB part, 8 rib and confirmed looks same as old with same p/n. Can't drive the car as belt too loose and no way of tightening it...
  9. A

    S320 2006 W221 Serpentine Belt Change

    Hi, The serpentine belt on my 2006 S320 is loking pretty cracked so I plan to change it. There seems to be a fair bit in the way and I am wondering what I need to remove to access it. Does anyone have a guide or can give me some pointers? Thanks, Andy
  10. S

    OM646 Serpentine belt tensioner oscillation

    Noticed my tensioner oscillates quite a lot when idling. Is it normal? 60K miles E220Cdi. Thanks
  11. zenman63

    M271 serpentine belt

    Just looking at the wives car as it make a rattling noise in drive when cold. All is sweet until you put it in drive and then the serpentine belt seems to vibrate. Looking down at the tensioner its humming and vibrating and seems to be where the noise is coming from. Is it common? the...
  12. zoros

    Serpentine Belts needed

    Can someone reccomend a good source for all the belts I need for my SL55 AMG? Thanks in advance Z
  13. N

    B180 cdi (w245) serpentine belt replacement

    Hoping a member can help me find procedure for replacing Poly V-Belt on my 2007 B180 CDI Hatch. Understand access is under engine after removing splash guards etc. and belt and pulley adjuster clearly visible. But would appreciate steps involved in loosening tensioner and removing and...
  14. E

    Serpentine belt, damper and tensioner pulley

    Would appreciate advice for changing the above items: - MB or ECP (who offer a Contitech belt and INA pulley and damper)? - What socket size is the tensioner? - I can't quite see it (nor the dust cap that disintegrated when I flicked it off and lies somewhere in the undertray:crazy:). -...
  15. F

    Drive/serpentine belt query

    Hi, I've recently purchased an 07 E220 (love it!) and see the drive belt is a little worn (see pic). The car is <2k shy of its 104k service so I was wondering if I should wait to replace the belt as part of service or do immediately? When doing the 104K service is there anything I should ask...
  16. B

    Noisy serpentine belt.

    My mate has a c class 2.5 V6 and he has exactly the same problem !! My S320 is also a V6 and the belt makes a swishy almost sqeaky kinda sound on tick over. In the car park ect, I have noticed other V engined mercs doing the same. Just wondered if any of you guys find the same. The problem is...
  17. M

    C270 cdi serpentine belt

    Hi car c270 cdi belt making squealing noise so going to drop in to local indi Anyone now how much new belt and fitting will cost me and how long it will take ? Thank you
  18. W

    S210 (2.8) fitting new Serpentine belt

    I've been thinking of fitting a new Serpentine belt to my S210 (2.8) for ages, but keep putting it off (never done one before:o). Apart from forgetting the correct routing for the new belt - are there any common pit falls I should try to avoid? Does the belt have to travel in the correct...
  19. Mega_Angelic

    W169 A180 CDI, Serpentine belt issues

    Hi Everyone, I have a fairly long commute, so I sold my 3.0T S80 and bought a little A class for the economy. It's important to note this is the first diesel I have owned, generally I don't like them. Anywho, ever since I've had it, it has made an odd rattle on idle, but sounds...
  20. P

    Serpentine belt routing on my 2001 E320 cdi????

    Hi all, Does anyone have a diagram of the serpentine belt routing for the front pulley system for my E320 CDI Y REG 2001 ESTATE. I have done the search and have looked at the available diagram on here but mine has an extra pulley from the one in the diagram. I have got the part number...
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