1. P

    Time served mechanic in Lancashire

    Anyone recommend anyone I'm in Nelson. Someone who knows eclass mercs inside out:thumb:
  2. R

    Justice served or crime committed?

    KALUGA, Russia, April 15 (UPI) -- Russian police said a female hairdresser was arrested for allegedly keeping an unsuccessful armed robber bound as a sex slave for two days. Web site quoted police as saying the 32-year-old man entered the hair salon at about 5 p.m. March 14, brandished...
  3. glojo

    Justice is finally served

    At long last the murderer of Lesley Molseed has finally been sentenced. Ronald CASTREE Has finally been found guilty, but who here can remember the pitiful sight of Stefan Kiszko shuffling out of the prison gates in his poorly fiiting suit and plymsols? Those that bay for the death sentence...
  4. grober

    Are You being served?

    What Car has a detailed breakdown on the dealer satisfaction part of the 2007 JD POWERSURVEY. Mercedes gets 4 stars with complaints from SLK owners highest and high costs all round.
  5. M

    Justice is served? Naseem Hamed released after 16 weeks...

    Hmmmm - I can guess the reactions to this........ From Yahoo News: Former world boxing champion Prince Naseem Hamed is to be freed from prison just 16 weeks into a 15-month sentence for dangerous driving. The 32-year-old - who will be electronically tagged - caused a crash which left a man...
  6. mark.t

    what happened to justice served

    :eek: i agreed with it and so would Judge Dredd
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