1. Beetnik

    Windows Server User Client Access Licences

    How is a user defined? Specifically: I access the server for my email ([email protected]) from 5 different devices and the attached printer as required = 1 CAL required My co-worker does the same ([email protected]) = 2nd CAL required We both do the same for another email address...
  2. BAZZER1

    Talktalk server down again

    Bad news Talktalk Server been down since Thursday, its now 22.10pm on Saturday and no sign of it coming back yet.:fail What a joke this TalkTalk Company is, with no consideration for their customers, will be cancelling my contract with these Jokers.:wallbash: BAZZER1
  3. Tan

    Media server / NAS

    Following on from my recent post on advice for a Blu-Ray player, I had finally decided on the Pioneer and was going to collect one at the weekend. However now a friend has put the idea of a media server / NAS in to my head. If I get one and an external Blu-ray drive, is this really a...
  4. Mr E

    Getting started with a media server

    It's taken a few years to move out of the dark ages, but I'm ready to start thinking about a media server. All of our CDs are now stored on disk (including a full backup on an external drive that siis in the new car :) ). What I want to do now is start putting on a fairly large DVD...
  5. artyman

    Google Mail server

    I've been getting an error message all day in Windows Live Mail (Windows 7 Express replacement) that it is unable to connect to the Google server. Anyone else experiencing similar problems?
  6. Spinal

    Sync'ing one exchange server with another

    A question... is it possible to get exchange server to sync with other exchange servers? Reason being, I have multiple client accounts on several exchange servers for work (contractor for various companies). Each has it's set of emails, contact lists and calendars. What I want to do, is...
  7. mercmanuk

    windows home server 2003

    can anyone help,i'm trying to setup windows home server 2003 on a redundant pc to use as a media /audio server but i'm getting stuck on a problem. i keep getting the message"continuing to configure storage failed-the system cannot find the path specified.error code 0*80070003" ive downloaded...
  8. WLeg

    Office Proxy Server

    Any opinions as to the best one out there ? I need to cache/proxy a sat internet connection for about 50 users.....
  9. WLeg

    Proxy Server

    Quick one to the IT Bods.... What (if any) local LAN based proxy server do you use or recommend ? I'm after centralized local caching and usage reporting, as well as reducing Internet bandwidth...... WL
  10. Chattonmill

    Server Backup

    We are currently backing up our server daily onto 4mm Data tapes, and seem to be running out of space! Would an external Hard drive work just as well, are there any drawbacks from doing it this way? I assume this would be quicker as well. If anyone has any other suggestions they would be quicker...
  11. WLeg

    Vista / Server 2008 SP2

    Anyone running it yet ? What's the feedback ? Download here if you haven't already....
  12. D

    my server has been attacked

    Hi I run my own server here on SBS 2003. Just looked at todays logon file Which seeems to indicate that someone has tried to break into the server. I had already disabled the account called adminstrator so I do not think they would have got access to anything, but am not certain. Is there...
  13. Beetnik

    Fileserver vs Server advice

    I suspect I know the answer here but I'd be grateful for comments from those in the know. A client is running a network with 8 PCs/Laptops and using one PC as a fileserver - i.e. it's running MS XP SP3 and used by a member of staff with a partition used to store documents, spreadsheets...
  14. I

    Home Server Help

    Decided I need to make life a bit easier with a server. Looking at HP EX475 and Fujitsu Scaleo 1900. Anybody have any experience of either of these? Am I missing a better option? I'll be running three machines. Thanks folks.
  15. Spinal

    Wanted: 42U Server Rack

    I'm going to be cheeky - I was lucky a year or so ago, and thanks to a very kind member on the forum, I was donated a server rack... The school I work for is now keeping it's servers on IKEA tables, and I have a mini-heart attack every time someone slams the door... I'm keeping an eye out...
  16. Spinal

    Dual Boot: Leopard Server vs. Windows 2003 server

    So; my employer has decided to send me on the delta upgrade courses for OsX Leopard. Problem is, I don't feel like I've played enough with 10.5 server yet to get a hang of it - and I like to know what I'm doing before someone tries telling me! At the same time, I'm trying to do the MCP...
  17. R2e

    Server based Anti Spam

    Can anyone recommend a Server based Anti Spam tool (preferably open source or cheap!) to quarantine and/or delete mail on the server itself. We are using open source hMail, the server is running Windows 2003 Server.
  18. Spinal

    What DNS server?

    Howdy! Two questions really, one I'll find out tomorrow by calling Virgin (good old blueyonder ditched me :p) the other is an opinion thing. - Does anyone know if Virgin/NTL/Blueyonder provide static IP's (even for a surcharge?) - What DNS server would you recommend? I've been using 1and1...
  19. Flyer

    Dell £99 Server & one even bettwe

    Some of you may recall Dell offering the £99 server a couple of years ago. Was a great deal, and today they are repeating it, but not as widely published. Click here (aff. link) to go to Dell's Server site and type: SC124404 in the search box, top right. It's an Intel Celeron D @ 2.8GHz...
  20. guydewdney

    Server - basic home - help...

    I have set up a laptop (P111 500) with server 2000. I have chosen a laptop as its quiet, energy efficient and needs to be next to the printers. I have a couple of 1U servers, but they are very very noisy... (oodles of fans in them) so - Its running (i think) as a print server - I have two...
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