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  1. jdrrco

    Not urgent, but time-sensitive

    My CLS went in for a service today under the service plan. The dash showed that it needed a Service E, but the garage has done a Service B. I did highlight to the receptionist on arrival that the dash displayed E and she wrote it on the job sheet. I have seen on another forum (not UK-based)...
  2. Y

    Wayne Gates

    Hi Everyone. First time poster here...just purchased a lovely 320 clk coupe 209. Took it along to the infamous garage above and I have to agree with you all here. This garage is how they all should be. Thanks for the great work on the motor Terry and see you soon for the last few bits and maybe...
  3. M

    West Mids indie service recommendations?

    Hi I am based in Worcester ( willing to travel 40 mile radius ) and need a 'service B" on a 2008 e280 CDI that has just hit 75k. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also does anyone know what I should be paying roughly? It's my first service on this car since purchase in Jan so keen not to...
  4. Simon Sh

    Confused - Service A or Service B!?!?

    C63 AMG 2009 dash indicator says A5 service due. Mercedes "my service" says B service + brake fluid and plugs as extra when I try to get a quote/book a service. Local Mercedes dealership on-line booking system says A service required but no info on further requirements like plugs or brake...
  5. P

    CLK240 2005 Service B 33,000 miles

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked a million times before so I apologise in advance but I am running out of time. My clock is telling me to get a service B in 4 days. I went to Mercedes today and now realise I not only need the £355 service but £633.48 of additional extras bringing the total...
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