1. S

    V8 service parts.

    Service parts bought for a 2002 W220 s500, oil filter, air filters, cabin filters, rear disc pads and 8 of the spark plugs. Will probably fit other cars/models, no longer needed. £65, includes postage!
  2. Chugg

    Digital service details

    Hi people, Just got an 2011 e class, and wanted to see the dealer service history, is the only way to go in to the main dealer and ask for print outs? I got a couple with it but wanted to check the full history, although the 2 print outs I got may be all of it. I was hoping to view online as...
  3. M

    Help?????Om642 front main bearing tick after service.

    Have had my w163 320cdi serviced and now has a ticking sound coming from engine. MB has confirmed issue. Anyone here replaced the bearing and can it be done with engine still in place? Also has anyone had to pay to have this done and how much would it be? Thanks
  4. aquanaut

    Great Service from Mercedes Aberdeen...

    Had my C63 in for a 'A' service and M.O.T. yesterday and had requested the 2017/18 comand map update for £99 special offer. Picked up the car and they had also done the MCT transmission update and an ECU update. All for the sum of £459. Cheapest service and extras I have ever had from Mercedes...
  5. Ray1888

    B Service Cla 45

    So put the car into Merc Dundee for a B service,car has done 21000 mls,I work for the company that owns the dealership and with the discount it came to £497 Oil,filters,plugs,gearbox oil change,brake fluid and coolant also done,thought it wasn't bad.Priced it on this Merc service site and they...
  6. Rickyj1985

    Dealer service advice

    Hi people, my sclass (w222) is due a b service and I have been quoted £892!! My question is how important is a dealer stamp? I have a guy i use to service a few other cars as he is literally next door to my unit. He is a very good mechanic as he has been doing it for 20years+ I have asked...
  7. S

    W204 - Service Intervals

    Hi I have W204 C180 Dec 2011 reg date Just had B service @ 60k miles completed Went to check the next service, it is showing as 9000 I thought the service interval was 15000 or 12 months,which ever came first Any one can advise why the Service Assist is showing 9k? thanks
  8. MSG2004

    Key Battery - Is this repalced at every service?

    Hi We bought a brand new GLE in April last year. Rarely open the windows via remote control but noted this summer the windows would not open via remote. However, the open/lock and open/shut boot worked well from close by and distance. As it got hotter I thought I'd try the new/spare key...
  9. A

    42000 mile service

    I have a question on servicing....My C220 CDI AMG has it service B due this week, its done 43000 miles and 2 garages have told me I need the gearbox oil changing and 2 have told me its not due until 75000 miles? any clues peeps? Cheers Paul
  10. V

    Do I really need a service?

    My A1 service plus my MOT is due on my 2013 W204 C220. It's the pricey service and with the MOT it comes in around £750. Thing is, since my last service last year I've only covered about 6000 miles. I know the MOT is mandatory, but do I really need to have this A1 service?
  11. damiandavis

    E63 W211 - 2007 Service Advice

    Hi All, advice time for a new E63 Owner. Good news is that the 2007 E63 i've just bought has almost flawless servicing and has just had a full oil change, and plugs 1 yr ago. My question is twofold. Firstly the Transmission Service was last done in 2012 at 35k miles. The car is now on 59k so...
  12. O

    Do I pay for a B service?

    I got a B Class from a Hampshire dealer last year (almost 12 months ago) it was a 65 plate B class with 18 miles on the clock! So... the car pops up with "A service needed"... local Portsmouth dealer insists it needs a B service...but will discount by 50 quid if I dont borrow a car...
  13. mmerc

    W204 B7 service and ATF change

    Engine oil and filter change ,ATF changed with all new gasket washer etc,all other checks carried out .£380.00 all mercedes parts and mercedes trained independent.comments ::bannana::bannana:
  14. D

    W447 Vito service intervals.

    Sorry to ask the most basic of questions: I was led to believe that the service intervals on w447 Vito was 24,000m or 2 years. However, there's a countdown on my dash currently saying "12 days to service" The van is just coming up to one year old and just over 5,000 miles. Can...
  15. BaldGuy

    Rip off dealer Service

    Speaking with a colleague in the office this morning about his 2009 C Class Coupe with a gearbox issue... He's not a car person and always uses main dealer for everything. He'd noticed over a week that changes were getting worse and one morning it wouldn't change up into higher gears, he got to...
  16. A

    How to trace service history

    Hi there, I am a new member and the new owner of a 1985 W123 230e auto with 77k on the clock. I can trace the mileage history and milage up to 2008 but not before that, is anyway I can find out a bit more about the car? Many thanks in advance for your answers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. E

    e350 tuning and service by MSL 18th July

    So far top notch communication. Opening this thread as I will post dyno results hoepfully and whole experience. Chosen to have service by them also, as I fully FULLY well aware now MB dealers do bugger all apart from safety checks and exterior car clean. vehicle late 2013 e350 bluetec
  18. A

    Service Book Help

    Hi Folks, Newbie here and I am looking for assistance. I looked at a really nice A200 today and I was with my car savvy mate who asked the dealer for the service history. He did not have it and mentioned it would be available from MB as it's electronic. The cars previous owner doesn't...
  19. M

    7G Tronic Plus ATF Change & Service - E Class 2013

    I have just completed an Automatic Transmission Service on my 2013 E Class W212 (estate) 7G-Tronic Plus using the ATF 134FE Blue Oil and thought I'd share my experience. As a guide to my skill-set, I am an engineer with experience in the motor vehicle and aircraft industries, although I’ve...
  20. S

    Auto gearbox service

    Lads what gearbox oil is recommended for my two w203 cars. One is 2 liter and other is 2 liter compressor. Maybe same oil. Anything else like filters etc. New to Mercedes. Had bmws for past 10 years Sent from my 5056X using Tapatalk
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