Where do i get an sls serviced

    Ive just rang Merc for my SLS service and they want £800. any one know another place in the north west that can do it cheaper ?
  2. MSG2004

    Links required to what needs to be serviced years 1, 2, 3 ,4 & 5

    Hi Late last week picked up our brand new gle. We did not buy from local dealer as they were more than 1k dearer. Service plans - my car is 36 quid a month Just ranfg the local dealer who initially said autobox fluid was 4th year, then I asked him to double check and it's actually...
  3. C

    What's the furthest you would travel to get your car serviced?

    I just got my car serviced at Wayne Gates, brilliant as always, but now I've moved to Kent it's a 130 mile round trip. And that got me thinking. If you moved house what's the furthest you would travel to get your car serviced.
  4. BlackC55

    E240 for sale. 7 seater. Lovely condition. Serviced at PCS.
  5. B

    Has it been serviced?

    Just bought a MY2013 C207 from a main dealer, it's done a tadge over 20k miles. When I viewed it on Saturday there was a 'Service due' indicator showing 180 days before the next. The salesman reckoned at the time that the service wouldn't be part of the sale as it was a way off, fair enough...
  6. Guy.Pap

    Gearbox serviced @ MSL

    I called in at MSL on Friday and had my gearbox serviced at MSL, depite the fact they were rushed off their feet my car was sorted and all with genuine MB parts yet again great service from Acid and crew whilst there I had Acid tweak the my remap slightly and delete the EGR. I didnt post up...
  7. TrickyTrev

    Got my car serviced. Now got it on the road

    55 went in for a big service recently. Not had a chance to get it on the road since. What a big service. What an awesome thing. It feels a lot more than 476bhp when the taps are fully open... I am astonished by how fast it is. How much of a sleeper it is, and how bloody expense a massive...
  8. karlos280

    W204 c280 sport low miles just serviced,mot'd,taxed

    For sale Grey 2007 w204 c280 sport auto Just had b service,mot and been taxed this week 41000 miles 2 owners from new from the same family Face lift door mirrors and tail lights 18" AMG alloys with continentals Full leather interior 6 stack CD player Bluetooth Heated electric seats Front and...
  9. D

    Where is a good place to get my c63 serviced

    Hi need a new place to get my c63 serviced anybody know of a decent place that do a good job to merc expectations I'm from manchester
  10. V

    So when was the last time this was serviced?

    Had to laugh...we had a 2004 Renault Grand Scenic come in as a Part Exchange a couple of days ago with 78,000 miles on the clock and full service history. So I get the mechanic to give it a service and this was the state of the air filter.......highly unlikely that its ever been changed in 9...
  11. tonyc280

    C280 face lift V6 FSH Swap/sell/px Just serviced

    For sale now due to practicality reasons i am selling my beautiful rust free C280 V6. year 1997. Done a gentle 146 000 miles and runs extremely well and has been loved and tended to by me and previous owner. Dark Blue paintwork that has absolutely no rust or blemishes. Just a car park ding on...
  12. clk208

    Just serviced - 9300 miles now on countdown

    Took the CLS for its first service today at the main dealer. Very impressed, quoted price of £239 was what I paid and there was no £1000 list of additional advisory jobs. Came out sparkling clean inside and out and they used some nice furniture polish on the wood. Anyway, upshot is the beast...
  13. ghummy

    finally got round to getting it serviced

    just booked the c220 in for a service B next week. just wanted to know if the prices ive been quoted are decent. service B - £170 + vat Autobox fluid and filter replace - + £140 + vat aircon regas £35 + vat provided by a company called star motors in little Leicester who specialise in...
  14. R

    Car just serviced - news if you use Steve in Maidstone!

    I've just had my car serviced by Steve in Maidstone, who many of you use. The car and the service were great but I hadnt heard that Steve had been off work for ten weeks following and accident:( I sent him our corporate best wishes but if you fancy cheering him up with a text then I'm sure...
  15. S

    Car Serviced By MB - Direct

    My last service (A service) was done by Olly at PCS, previous to that I have a B service stamp with MB-Direct (no address on service stamp or any receipts with my paperwork). Previous to that its MB main dealer all the way, I contaced MB and they sent me print outs covering all the main dealer...
  16. F

    Serviced a C240 today.

    My good friend asked me to give his C240 a service, so as the weather was good I did it today. (Got the parts over the weekend from those good people at GSF) Got to say changing the plugs was exhausting. 12 of the blighters! and 6 of them you can actually see. Tried a few combinations of...
  17. S

    ML63 - How bad is not getting it serviced past the service reminder

    Hi, How bad is it for an ML63 not to be serviced 150 days past when its saying it should be serviced? I am assuming "Service E" stands for emergency :). I could really do with chancing it to about 200 days. But if that is a really bad idea please let me know :doh:. Thanks.
  18. timwood2000

    Just had car serviced and they used..

    Shell 10w40 oil. Having always had Mobil Synt S before, I queried this and the guy said that they had been issued with a new directive from Mercedes that they no longer needed to use the 'expensive stuff' and that this was just fine. Smells like BS to me - am I worrying about nothing or...
  19. NICKYB

    just had the clk serviced - a few problems!

    hi, i just had the 230k clk (2000 plate) serviced, the below points were noted for attention:- front wheel bearing freeplay both front lower ball joints freeplay steering drag link freeplay steering idler worn steering damper inoperative transmition service recomended;- transmition cooler...
  20. D

    Car just serviced - rotated tyres

    Hi, I just got the car serviced and asked for the wheels to be rotated. However, instead of putting the front on the back and vice versa, the mechanic also switched the left to the right and the right to the left (which was correct in the old days). With the car using Continental Premium...
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