1. C

    Servicing on collection on a used car by the supplying dealer - C63 ppp

    Hi, I bought my C63 from a MB dealer almost 12 months ago. 3 years old and ~23k on the clock. It's now got ~32k on it I've just rung my local MB dealer for a "B5" Service and was quoted about ~£1150. Everything I've read on here suggested ~600 is nearer the norm so dug a bit deeper in to the...
  2. J

    C63 Servicing (Gearbox Oil & Filter)

    Hi All, My 2014 C63 (standard) is up for a service and to maintain the extended warranty (purchased by the previous owner) I need to get it serviced by a main dealer. Whilst I'm reasonably happy to do this, they tell me that in addition to the standard service at £339 it also need the air...
  3. R

    Servicing.. The moral of the story is.

    Hi, been here a while just never posted. Had an experience recently that I feel needs to be shared. So my 2012 C220 coupe B service came round recently along with the gearbox service. The mechanic who I have taken my cars to for years for MOT's owns his own C300. Last years MOT I spoke to...
  4. T


    Hi, I have an SLK 200 and only do about 5000-6000 miles a year. It had a full service last June while still under it's sales warranty, which has now ended. Can anyone advise me if it's really necessary to have an interim service a year later when the annual mileage is so low? Thanks in advance!
  5. D

    Recommended Mercedes dealers for servicing from this list (Beds/Herts/London area)

    Hi All I have a service due and due to a couple of reasons need to use a dealer, unfortunately Indy is not an option, was hoping to get some member recommendations out of the following list: MB of Stevenage Sytner Milton Keynes Sytner Bedford MB Watford MB of Aylesbury MB of Hertford MB of...
  6. T

    Independant servicing agent

    HI, I am looking for a dependable independent mechanic to service my car, I am based in north Kent I really do not want to pay Main Dealer prices Thanks guys:bannana:
  7. J

    Servicing glitches my Vito 120

    Well after finally getting my oil cooler done and, after cleaning all the manifolds /swirl valves/EGR/Throttle body/ EGR Cooler so they had no deposits, I thought a full service was a good idea. So Fuel filter was done anyway in removing oil cooler. Air filter was a few minutes, although...
  8. rosie5golf


    Hi all, Can anyone explain how to reset the service indicator on my e320. It's driving me nuts.
  9. fuzed

    MB Dealer Servicing - Milton Keynes Vs Bedford

    Does anyone have any ideas which one would be better, as I'm considering taking out the Service Care Plan, and wanted to know if these service locations were any good. Basically wanted good and bad experiences from them, read a couple of good things about Bedford Mercedes Service, but not read...
  10. A

    W447 servicing?

    Hi all I have owned my first ever Mercedes a W447 Vito 114CDI. My question is that on Fords I always had to service every year but the W447 says the service is due in 15000 miles (ive done 7000 in 18 months) - is that normal and ok to not have it serviced from new for 3 years odd? Thanks...
  11. S

    Servicing please

    Anyone local to manchester / wigan area recommended for atf change on 2007 w204 c220d please I would like a complete flush of the old fluid etc Thanks
  12. A

    London Servicing - which dealer?

    Which Mercedes dealer does everyone use in London use for Servicing? Car is still under warranty so need it to be an official dealer rather than an Indy. Brentford and Chelsea are the closest but can travel out a bit if there is a specialist like Camberley for RS4's cheers
  13. Luke-BITURBO

    Tuned e63 amg servicing?

    My tuned e63 is due a service soon are people using main dealers for tuned cars or msl etc Thankyou
  14. fuzed

    Servicing - C350CDI - 2012 - Milton Keynes and Surrounding areas.

    Some of you might have seen my post about picking up a car where I thought the mileage had been messed around with, after doing some hard background checks I was satisfied that there was no issue. So I picked up the car, and have been pootling around in it for the past few days, and I love...
  15. chesterpiglet

    Any servicing tips?

    My brother is servicing my car tomorrow & replacing the thermostat at the same time. It seems straight forward & I have all the filters & oil from MB. I read to fill the oil & fuel filter with oil & diesel before fitting. Any tips on fitting the thermostat-it appears to be easier with the oil...
  16. A

    Servicing taking the p!sh?

    Had my AMG CLA 45 for a few months and its due its first 10k service (A). Local dealer quoting £590 for this?? I know its a performance car but I've had Audi S4, Evo X, etc previously and don't remember it being that high for a first service??
  17. JonoF1amg

    Servicing Recommendations - Nottingham

    Hi I'm looking for recommendations for a good, reliable, independent MB specialist garage in Nottingham. I would appreciate any information that would help in making a decision of where to take my car. I have always used the dealership in Nottingham. Many thanks
  18. J

    Servicing recommendations

    Hi I'm about to purchase my first Mercedes and am looking for recommendations for a good, reliable, independent MB specialist garage in the Raynes Park/New Malden/Wimbledon/Kingston area? Many thanks.
  19. M.A.94

    Best place to buy servicing gear

    So my w210 is due a service very soon and I was just wondering where is the best place to get quality filters etc from for decent prices. Does anyone have a discount code for euro car parts or alternative :D, also I was just browsing the forum the other day and came across a post where one of...
  20. D

    Non Merc servicing in North Herts

    Having only once used an independent garage for servicing, who subsequently adjusted my accelerator cable and washed my car rather than service it I have not used one in the 15 years since. I have serviced all my own cars since with the exception of my old W202 that went to Merc because it...
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