1. David404

    Car Mat Sets (W211 - E320 Sport - 2009)

    Hi Folks The cheap mat set the dealer supplied have gotta go. There are loads of suppliers out there offering tailored mat sets, the slightly more upmarket heavier weights seem to come in at around £40, I've purchased this type of mat before for other cars and they are fine. However I'm...
  2. jonnyboy

    new old stock rear rubber floor mats - wrapped - w123, w124, w126, w201 - 5 sets avai

    As per title I have 5 sets of new old stock rear rubber mats for the above models. Packaging largely complete apart from one set - dusty from storage. £15 each plus p&p (heavy!!)
  3. roman82

    For sale 3 sets alloys

    Hi. I got for sale rial mesh alloys polish lips and gold centre , LORINSER 17 deep dish fully polished, and 19 LORINSER deep dish polished to mirror effect .all 3 alloys sets in showroom condition .from my own collection .07850797191.))).also I did advertised on gumtree .
  4. N

    Halfords 50% off selected socket sets.

    Looks like some good deals on their Professional sets. Halfords | Socket Sets | Car Socket Sets and Accessories | Garage Equipment
  5. Stratman

    Man sets fire to petrol station on CCTV

    In Greenwich, southeast London. :dk:
  6. RKC-benz

    2 sets of W124 steels & tyres

    I am looking to get rid of two sets of wheels: Firstly four wheels and normal weather tyres. They are the standard 15" wheels in steel and Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres with good tread. About 8k miles on them. They are balanced and ready to go. Tyres are 195/65/15... Secondly four wheels...
  7. Stratman

    Halfords Pro socket sets half price

    Just a quick heads up. Halfords' website is offering some Professional socket sets at half price.
  8. KillerHERTZ

    SLS AMG Electric Drive sets a new record at the Nurburgring

    MERCEDES-AMG ESTABLISHES LAP RECORD IN THE “GRÜNE HÖLLE” SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive masters Nordschleife in 7:56.234 minutes The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive has lapped the Nürburgring Nordschleife (“north loop”) in a record time of 7:56.234 minutes. Therefore, the...
  9. W

    EU sets 106mpg average fuel economy target

    EU sets 106mpg average fuel economy target | Autocar
  10. M

    Halfords socket sets.

    Hi. I've just bought one of these Halfords | Phaze 275 Piece Tool Chest I don't need the pliers or screwdrivers, fixings, as I'm a carpenter. Is it worth keeping this or swapping it for the halfords pro range. They had a 120 piece set for the same price. But I like the box the phaze...
  11. M

    Who sets parts prices, MB UK or the dealerships?

    Just curious as I just bought 2 headlight wiper blades from my local main dealer, who charged £12.70 + vat each. When I checked online this evening I see Inchcape sell the same part for £6.70 inc vat each. Is my local dealer extracting the Michael? or does inchcape system just need updating...
  12. H

    S204 Brackets on rear sets

    A daft question from someone who is toying with the idea of buying an S204 - what is the purpose of the square brackets that I can see behind the head restraints on the rear seats? They don't seem to be connected to the luggage cover.
  13. KillerHERTZ

    SLS sets world record for... catching a golf ball

    SLS AMG + 178MPH GOLF BALL = WORLDS' FARTHEST GOLF SHOT CAUGHT IN A MOVING CAR Formula 1TM legend and DTM driver David Coulthard and professional golfer Jake Shepherd set a Guinness World Record yesterday (30 May 2012) at Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey, as part of a viral film for Mercedes-Benz...
  14. M

    Socket sets

    I've been browsing around the interweb for a some prices on socket sets as my old halfords 3/8 drive kit is past it's best, and noticed what looks like the same set sold by many different manufacturers at wildly differing price points. Just wondered if I'm missing something, or are these...
  15. M

    Various AMG Alloy Sets

    Hi everyone, I have for sale a fews sets of alloys. They have all been refurbished to a high standard. All wheels were sandblasted, acid dipped and powder coated. I can provide pictures and part numbers on request. Set 1: Genuine AMG Monoblock Style II's Staggered Fronts: 17x7.5"...
  16. K

    w202 Lowering spings ( 2 sets available) 1 to suit 4 cylinder and the other 6 cylinde

    4 cylinder springs are GMAX lower 40 MM used but good condition 6 cylinder springs are P.I lower 40mm used but good condition either set (4 springs) £60 delivered
  17. MercFanUk

    Data Sets (Weather)

    It's a long shot, but does anyone know of a data set online that contains the average temp for the UK on a daily basis for say the current year?
  18. M

    E320 - three sets of front springs in 100k?

    Just been told by good old MB Bath that one of my front springs has broken. This is the third time in 100,000 miles (on 1998 E320 petrol estate) so either I, or they, or Mercedes seem to be doing something wrong. Does this sound normal to anyone? And is there a better alternative spring I...
  19. zubear

    khalil mamoon sheesha sets

    just wondering if anyone on the forum would like to buy some khalil mamoon sheesha sets £35 and 1kg al fakher flavas for £45 can get as many as you would like also check out our facebook group. Khalil Mamoon | Facebook http:// http://
  20. esprit200

    Mercedes Wheel sets x3

    Hi I have a few sets of wheels that I would like to move on. I have them listed on ebay, so maybe take a look there, full description and pictures included. Then feel free to bid or make me an offer on here :D CLK 16" Mercedes CLK 16" Alloy wheels and centre caps (+tyres) on eBay (end...
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