1. nickjonesn4

    Sport 2 suspension setting E55

    Almost unusable on the ploughed fields that pass for UK roads, absolutely brilliant in Spain. Doubtless this is the case in Germany too where they invest in infrastructure properly. I've spent the last 2 months 50% in Sport 2, 40% in Sport 1 and used the squishy setting for country lanes/dirt...
  2. MWCLS

    Setting the Analogue clock on a 2006 C209 CLK

    I just noticed my analogue clock is 3 hours behind the clock in the car's cluster menu which is correct. At some point the previous owner has replaced the Audio 20 for a Clarion NX501E head unit. So this evening the cluster menu shows 17.20 the analogue clock 14.20 and the head unit 18.20! So...
  3. D

    C63 wheel bolt torque setting?

    Removing my wheels at the weekend to give them a good clean and sealant before the winter sets in and wondered if anyone can confirm the correct torque settings for the wheel bolts? Ive read somewhere 130Nm? Thanks in advanced
  4. S

    Clock auto setting ?

    With the clocks going back I had presumed that the car clock on comand would just adjust the time with the RDS/GPS signal but it appears not to want to do it and I had to do it manually, is there a setting I'm missing for it to auto adjust ?
  5. Calcifer

    2003 W211 Comand, language setting help.

    Good morning, My 2003 E55 (W211) is an original import from Taiwan. As such everything in the car is in Mandarin. From dash display to command. Would anyone happen to have a similar situation with an imported Mercedes and how the language setting might be changed? Also can I buy a sat Nav...
  6. Calcifer

    2003 E55 AMG Language Setting.

    My E55 (W211) is an import from Taiwan and as such. Everything inside the car is in Mandarin. From the multifunction stereo to the Sat Nav. Is there the possibility to change the language setting to English? As for the Sat Nav, is it as simple as buying a English DVD from the dealer? Any...
  7. rockits

    E55K 'Sport' Setting

    Anyone know if the 'Sport' setting on the W/S211 does anything with engine power or is it just gearbox change settings and/or throttle response? Wasn't sure if it was similar to the BMW 'M' button on most of their M cars that turns the engine up to max output?
  8. I

    W212 Heater - AUTO setting

    Hi, Although working as expected in manual mode, the AUTO setting for the heather doesn't seem to put the fan on full power at all. I'm fairly sure it used to especially when the temp was set to 'MAX'. Any ideas? S212 / E250CDi
  9. D

    Setting the time in a W203 320?

    Hi, Just picked up my second c-class coupe yesterday (320 - love the V6 purr) but the option to change the clock does not appear in the Setting menu. Any thoughts on this? Thanks, Dobbs.
  10. orangeboy

    w211 - Setting Time When GPS Broken?

    Hi there, Annoying little problem.... I had battery issues a while back, which caused my command head unit to break - therefore stopping the analogue dash clock at this time. I have replaced the head unit, but my GPS antenna is on the blink, and so the clock cannot automatically re-set...
  11. zenman63

    re setting steering angle sensor

    As above is it easy to reset after geometry is done. I have esp fault and on star no faults, I can clear it but none present but still has esp visit workshop. Quick test shows steering an so sensor so I guess it needs re calibrating. I had a quick look and it looks like I need to go through a...
  12. I

    W124 Digital/LCD Clock Setting

    Hi All, I can't find any info on this, perhaps this type of clock appears in 126's, but still found nothing? Anyway, I can't set the time. Pushing and twisting will set it to 12.00 and then it works, but I can't make it move back/forward to the current time. Any advice welcome...
  13. Carrsey

    Clock setting..

    After the clocks changing last sunday my in car clock still hasn't updated. Its a 56 plate E280 facelift. There are no options in the OBC and looking in the handbook it says if the car has command (it has) it will do it automatically. On Sunday I only had a couple of short journeys and did...
  14. A

    W203 coupe Alarm beeping on setting issue

    I am a new member .My daughters w203coupe 2002 was recently in a very minor collision to rear. It was left at the garage for 3 weeks and the battery was flat. I have fully charged it. Now When I set the alarm now it beeps 3 times and once when I unlock it. This never used to happen. The boot...
  15. Giantvanman

    Setting up as a consultant

    Knowing there are many diverse and intelligent people on the forum, can any give a rough outline what it takes to set up as a consultant (is sole trader the correct term for tax purposes etc?). Are we correct in assuming that it would be best to hire an accountant for NI, Income Tax and...
  16. chubbs111

    setting the time

    i have a 2000 e320 cdi and the time is wrong in the display,i tried setting the time but the only thing the computer allows me to reset is 12/24 hour,the car came fitted with a command system but i have removed this and fitted my own double din clarion ,can anyone enlighten me please.
  17. Optimus prime

    Wheel bolt torque setting?

    Hi, Can someone pls advise of the correct torque setting for wheel bolts 19" alloy's on a W212 E63 saloon. Thanks
  18. tonyc280

    service indicator setting

    Hello folks, it's good to be back after being so ill for a long time. well i got round to servicing my c280 and need to re set the service indicator. I've done what it says in my hand book but it doesn't work. can someone please give me instructions how it's supposed to be done, Thanks in...
  19. M

    Setting the easy-entry/exit feature

    Hi, I can not set the above-mentioned features in my w221, when I choose one of two options, a black dot appears next to the selected option by me, but before I get out of this menu, the dot returns to the "off" and so every time. I will mention that yesterday everything worked as it should.
  20. S

    Torque setting

    can somebody advise me on torque setting for the rear disc ease as I plan on renewing the rear break shoes soon thanks steve.
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