1. C

    cls torque wrench settings

    hello, planning on changing out some front suspension components on the cls, but am hunting for the various torque wrench values for the reassembly.. I understand there are no Haynes manuals available....
  2. G

    W221 COMAND radio & mirror settings

    Ok, I've had my W221 (S63 2012) for a month, don't have a manual other than a download from the US and have two issues that are beyond me, although I have read the manual and followed all instructions I can find. Firstly, there does not appear to be any way that the radio volume will stay at...
  3. J

    Torque settings

    Hi All, Does any one know the correct torque settings for tightening the wheel nuts of a C63 AMG (2014). Didn't want to just bounce up & down on the wheel wrench !!:bannana: Planning on some serious wheel cleaning this weekend:thumb: Cheers
  4. S

    torque settings

    could someone please inform me of the torque settings for the injector clamp bolts valve / cam cover bolts and the tightening sequence much appreciated
  5. C

    Best sound settings on Audio 20 system (S205)

    Hi, I've had my C300h for over 6 months and I still can't find the ideal settings for the treble, mid and bass - does anybody have any suggestions? I always slide the fader toward the front seats, but struggling with the main settings. I should have got the premium plus pack, I know, I know...
  6. S

    HK sound settings in engineering menu

    I had a look in the engineering menu today and could not find any settings for adjusting the HK sound system Is this located elsewhere? I'm hoping there is an adjustment to the subwoofer, as it's definitely lacking output. I have tried via the normal command settings to up the bass, but...
  7. Charles Morgan

    Urgent - W114 250ce suspension settings

    Trying very hard but not succeeding in finding all the necessary tracking and geometry data for my W114 1970 250CE. Does anyone at all have it available that they could share with me? I'd be really grateful - we need it to adjust all the newly installed suspension. Cheers Charles
  8. O

    Brake disc assembly torque settings - W204

    Hi, I'm about to do some DIY maintenance on my 2011 W204; changing front and rear discs and pads. Does anyone have the recommended torque settings for: 1) Brake slider bolts, front and rear, 2) Caliper bolts, front and rear. Any other useful advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. O

    Engine / transmission torque settings

    Engine / transmission torque settings - W204 Hi, I'm about to do some DIY maintenance on my W204 (OM651 Engine). Does anyone have the recommended torque settings for: 1) Sump Plug 2) Oil Filter housing 3) Engine oil Pan bolts 4) Gearbox oil pan bolts. Cheers. BTW, this is my first post
  10. MWCLS

    Advanced Dual Action Machine Polisher 6 speed settings 2500opm- 6800opm

    Purchased from Clean your car around 18 months ago. Used twice. Machine with 6 metre cable 6" and 5" backing plates comes with carrying case. £70.00 maybe collection from IG Essex area or post at buyers cost. Link to machine on CYC Web this is the same machine...
  11. C

    TP radio settings

    I have gone through the radio settings and un-checked the TP box. But after a couple of days the TP activates again and if I go into the settings the box is ticked again. The car is a E220 2015 and I am the only driver so no-one else is re-setting. Is there a way to permanently keep TP traffic...
  12. C

    Best C Class sound settings - standard stereo

    Hi all. Taking delivery of brand new S205 C300h premium on Monday. Really excited. I didn't bother going for premium plus as the extra £1500 on list didn't seem worth it. Reading subsequently across the Internet it seems the standard head unit/speakers aren't anything special - which...
  13. MSG2004

    Automatic headlights settings GLE - Manual switch off?

    Hi Read the manual, hard back and on-line re headlights settings - is there no manual switch off? I think there is not but hope I'm wrong as lights came on about 10 times today on dipped, too early IMO - i have day tome running lights on. Not sure but i managed to turn off dips but turning...

    High/Low octane settings?

    Just been told that AMG engines can be set to take high or low octane petrol simply by using the ignition key in 2nd mode; i.e., select 2nd mode and wait 30 seconds. Start engine and run it for 2 minutes, turn off and repeat once more. The engine is now tuned/mapped to use whatever octane petrol...
  15. Cousy

    C63 Screen settings

    Can you get this mode on a 'Normal' C63 or is it only available on the Black Series C63's ? [/URL][/IMG]
  16. PhilLinda

    Suspension torque settings

    Anyone know where I can find the torque settings for the various bolts on the front shock absorbers (E350 sport estate - S212) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Myfirstamg

    Head bolt torque settings

    This has been covered im sure, BUT I just want to be sure i get the head torqued correctly. So can anyone confirm the head bolt torque settings for my 2004 E55 amg please
  18. P

    Where are my map settings on command sat nav

    Hi Guys, Another question, hopefully you can all help. I have a B200 2013 model with command online Sat nav. I have read the manual titled Comand online. It says that I can change the sat nav view to 3d and so on, the orientation ect.. But when I go to the sat nav in car there are no...
  19. V

    W204 C63 alignment settings

    Need to have my C63 realigned due to garage not getting it accurate. Does anyone have an old alignment sheet lying around they could post a pic of to make sure the garage are doing the correct Angles etc.. When they first aligned my car it was spot on but they didn't touch the back, the...
  20. V

    C63 alignment settings

    Had my C63 back and forth to get alignment done at a reputable place in ediburgh. First time I had it done around April the car was running 4 conti tyres all matching and drove totally straight afterwards... Recently I put 2 michelin pilot super sports on the front and had it realigned...
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