1. F

    Dealer settlement for 2016 E Class

    Hello all, I am looking to give up my car for nothing more than a dealer finance settlement as I have bought a new car it has become my weekend car and I sometimes drive it less than 6 times a month! Details of the car as below, E220 AMG Night Edition (2016) Obsidian Black Metallic...
  2. O

    Fast settlement by TP Insurer

    Further to my thread on fast settlement by Tesco, oldguy57 junior mk 2 was T boned by third party at 1.00pm on Tuesday. No dispute on liability and TP Insurers settled his claim for the vehicle by bank transfer at 6.00 pm same day. Not too shoddy service really. Will identify Insurer when I know...
  3. flango

    Insurance settlement deals

    I'm hoping we have someone with insurance or claim knowledge on here who's legal knowledge may be greater than ours to help and advise. You will probably remember from my other thread we were unfortunate enough to have been broken into and tools and garage equipment stolen. I cant go into...
  4. Satch

    Fury over Gurkha settlement plan

    Of all the things this vile Government has done, this really is one of their lowest points to date. Words cannot express how angry I am about this, especially so when it comes from a Government overseen by a man who writes books about "Courage"
  5. R

    Insurance settlement

    As some of you may remember I had a bit of an accident a little while ago and my c230K came off a bit worse for wear. Well after much waiting :mad: , holding on the 'phone and waiting some more :mad: I finally received a settlement figure from my insurance company(the car was written off)...
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