1. andybond

    c63BS geo setup.

    Evening all . Does anyone have any details of the geo setup for the c63 Black series ? How does it differ from the regular c63 ?
  2. S

    MBWLAN Connection Setup

    Hi all, Anyone know how to connect to the WLAN in my car? Asks me for a PIN number but I don't have one. Cheers
  3. dad4geer

    Access data setup

    Hi all, new to the forum and I am still getting on with my new Merc C180 W204 which I bought last week. I was wondering if someone can point me in my right direction regarding setting up access data through COMAND system. My phone is already connected through bluetooth and incoming/outgoing...
  4. F

    Wanted - Vented Rear Disc Setup - Calipers - W124/W201

    Hi all! I'm after a vented rear disc setup for a 190e.. something off of a E320 E300 300E-24 300TE-24 etc.. W124 R129 Etc.. Anyone got anything going? All the best, F
  5. A

    Recommendation for Geo setup for C63

    Can anyone recommend a place for a Geo for a C63, mines pulling to the left a bit and wouldn't mind a fast road setup whilst they're at it Somewhere close to London thanks
  6. R

    C55 Suspension setup

    Im looking to upgrade the suspension on my C55. The previous keeper fitted C32 front dampers and springs to the car and also fitted C32 dampers to the rear. He said on the C55 setup it was hard and trashy on normal roads. However the drive feels a tad vague to me though it is very...
  7. J

    c63 2012 full suspension setup

    Amg full suspension setup for w204 2012 Just upgraded my w204 and put her on coilovers now I've got the old setup laying about, maybe they could go to a new home :banana: Its the full works front and rear with anti roll bars, If anyones interested let me know cheers guys
  8. E

    Vmax setup C63

    I'm doing vmax again this year (next month) and will be taking the C63 for the first time. Last year I took my stage 2 A45 and managed a 158mph standing mile and 168mph 1.44mile trap. Other than the engine and exhaust mods the car ran stock, inc wheels and tryes. My C63 has a V5 map and no...
  9. 7om

    CLS55/E55 Rear Drag Wheel + Tyre setup

    Hi, I've noticed one or two of these going up for sale over the last few years. Does anyone have any kicking around they don't want or know where I can a reasonably priced set? I know Fabtech (US) do a read drag wheel setup but shipping kills the deal as usual.
  10. C

    cls 350 w219 alloy setup

    Hello, Posted on here before and thanks to this place, my conductor plate issues have been solved. I own a CLS 350 W219 2006. It has 18 inch alloys as standard. Front is 245, and rear 285. I'm not sure what the offset is but the wheels are inside so positive. I'm looking to put 20 inch...
  11. H

    W209 Wheel Setup Advice

    I have a CLK w209. However i'm completely confused with what wheels to throw on to mine. currently on 17s that came with the car and horribly sit really behind the arches. i'm curious to know what other members done to their clk's. so what rims? spacers? coilovers? springs? etc :)
  12. Maurauth

    My new wheel setup - what do you guys think? :)

    I know the R172 isn't very popular on here, and I know some (a lot haha) of you guys are going to hate this setup, but I'm sure some of you will appreciate how different it is to the usual R172 look. Tempted to go lower, with a bit more camber angle but don't want to ruin the handling as...
  13. noy91

    Trying to figure out my audio setup

    Had a quiet afternoon yesterday so reorganised all the old car receipts with a view to figuring out exactly what the previous owner had had done audio wise. Presuming a standard W215 Bose setup as the starting point, I have receipts for the following: 19th April 2012 from the boys at Comand...
  14. D

    C63 Rear Wheel damage

    Alright Gents, My C63 is in at Merc just now to have all 4 alloys replaced due to corrosion. The dealer has just phoned saying they wont put the tyres on the new wheels due to sidewall damage they claim is due to the tyres having been run flat. I seem to remember noticing once that the...
  15. A

    CCTV Setup?

    Looking for a half decent but basic CCTV setup, preferably so I can record, half decent quality, and view remotely from iPhone,etc I only need one, maybe two cameras themselves... I was thinking of either something like: Or: With...
  16. M

    Gauging Interest - Full C63 AMG Brake Setup

    I may be putting my Brakes up for sale soon and seeing if anyone would be interested? It consists of: 2012 C63 AMG 6 Pot Front Calipers - Silver (As New) 2012 C63 AMG 4 Pot Rear Calipers - Silver (As New) Merc Disks and Pads (1000 Miles of wear so barely run in) All the required...
  17. A

    A210 headlight setup

    Unsure if any one can help. I came to change my h7 bulbs on my baby a210 and noticed my full beam are h4 dual filament bulbs where as my dipped are h7 Every thing seems standard no cut wires or any thing, can anyone shed some light why it's a dual filament bulb, does it has a secondary...
  18. T

    w203 c class genuine full nearside suspension setup. Brand new

    Selling a brand new, genuine nearside suspension setup for a w203 c class 2000-2007 Basically its the full underneath nearside rear except for the shocker and spring. Includes full hub assembly, bearings, stabilizer bar, control arm, spring carrier, bushes pre fitted to parts, all nuts and bolts...
  19. U

    Alpine Audio Complete setup

    Up for sale is my much loved Alpine audio system. Setup includes: Alpine IVA-D310RB Head Unit (complete) Alpine TV Tuner with remote (no aerials included) Alpine PXA-H701 (Processor) Alpine RUX-C701 Multimedia Manager (Controller unit) Alpine NVE-N099P Sat Nav (includes Alpine Navi DVD Disc...
  20. SmartMAC

    C Coupe Winter Wheel Setup

    I know it is a bit early but it might be easy to get a good deal now rather than in November. I have a new C Coupe and I am thinking on the different wheel combinations I could have. Mercedes offers a 17" which might look ok it is the easiest as they keep the summer wheels in winter and...
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