1. brucemillar

    Severe Trauma & Recovery Help

    If you are of a nervous disposition then please do not read on: Yesterday (Yes I know it was the 1st April) I went with my wife and two teenage daughters to 'visit' IKEA in Lakeside. We arrived just after 13:00 and managed to get out just before 17:00. Dear God, it was hell in there. I saw...
  2. P

    Severe condensation

    Hi all, New to this forum,Im about to buy a c class 220 cdi 2012 model. The current owner has 2 other fairly new cars so this car is rarely used and parked outside in all weathers. The problem is all the interior glass has very severe condensation there is also traces of mould on the seats...
  3. B

    W124 300D Severe judder

    Hi guys, Just bought a W124 1987 300D Saloon. It´s a manual car and displays the following behaviour: When the car is in gear and you are (very) gentle in pushing down or lifting off the gas, the car accelerates or decelerates nice and smoothly. However, if you change the throttle position...
  4. B

    2010 ML350 severe oil leak

    Hi Guys, My partners ML has developed a huge oil leak with the engine running, it's coming from the bell housing area, gearbox has been removed, crankshaft seal has been replaced (even though it was fine). Eventually traced the leak to a hole about the size of a pea in the bell housing, this...
  5. E

    Severe shake/vibration when idling 2008 E220 CDi

    My 2008 E220 CDi has started to severely shake at the front when idling - the front bumper vibrates significantly and even the front wheels shake. Once power is applied though, the car returns to normal. My car has only covered 30,000 miles and has a full Mercedes main dealer service history...
  6. G

    Occasional Severe Power Loss SL500

    My 94 SL500 is below 30k miles and is just a weekend runabout. In the past two weeks I have experienced two sudden losses of power having driven for about 4 miles from a cold start. Upon starting everything is 100% and there is no indication that there is anything wrong. But then suddenly it...
  7. SilverSaloon

    W124 E300D severe battery drain!

    Hi suddenly (without any new additions on the car recently), my W124 estate has developed a really severe battery drain. If I leave it for about 6 or 7 hours locked/unlocked it will drain the battery completly dead - not even enough power left to crank at all. I've connected a multimeter...
  8. R

    Legal challenge to Mercedes regarding severe body rust??

    Hi All, I hope someone on here can help me a little. I've got a 2000 W reg mercedes estate e240 elegance. The car runs perfectly. The only problem is it is blighted by rust. I have pursued these problems first via the dealership (this time last year), then to uk head office, then to...
  9. C

    severe condensation in boot lid of w201

    Anyone have problems with severe condensation in the boot lid of a w201, when opeing the lid a lot of water have dammed up in the boot lid and then runs out into the boot space, you can clearly see the condensation on the metal, almost like there is no air flow/ ventilation?
  10. P

    Tracking / camber and severe tyre wear

    Hi All, I have just had new front tyres but now realise that the car needs specialist equipment to set up the geometry (not just tracking) and the nice chap at Wheels in Motion advises me that the camber angle is probably out as the tyre wear is severe right at the inside edges. Anyone know...
  11. M

    Severe N/S/F tyre wear

    Hi All, The outer shoulder of passenger front tyre is wearing MUCH quick than on the driver's side (W202). Car seems to drives fine. I don't do a lot of round abouts and I don't drive fast. Had a "four wheel allignment" done about 6 months ago and all seemed fine. But I've been told...
  12. smiddyboy1

    EPC (Severe) error

    Hi , I've had the EPC program for quite a while, although I uninstalled it to clean up the pc, Now when i try to re-Install it i get a pop up box with "Severe", has anyone found how to get round ths or what is causing it. I found this part in the instructions But i cant seem to find the...
  13. Howard

    Severe Weather Warning ..

    Just came through at work , see :- Warning covers the whole of the UK , from 2100 Saturday to 0300 Monday , be careful everyone , don't park those cars too near any trees.. ' The Met Office is expecting a vigorous...
  14. M

    Severe battery drain C200 1996

    I have a late 1996 C200 Auto- it's done about 35,000 miles only from new. This vehicle is fitted with the Mercedes-Benz security system incorporating a locking system with remote control. The system incorporates red/green indicators in the interior mirror, and in the drivers door handle. The...
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