1. P

    B1 sevice

    Hi chaps, Bought my SLK 200 on a 14 plate in January, extended the warranty until 2019 at purchase. the car has only done 5700 miles, yes that's right, bought it with only 1700 or so on the clock. It now needs a B1 service, whatever that is and the stealership wants £500 for doing it. Seems a...
  2. L

    The Hampshire Sevice Centre

    In Hook near Basingstoke, Hampshire. Does anybody have any experience of them, good or bad? Would be interested to know as I am now taking my car servicing out of the MB dealer network and these people are quite near. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sheffield Col

    sevice intervals.

    Hi does anyone know what the service intervals are for changing oils, and filters ie. air / fuel, etc for the c class c220 diesel ? I think it would be a good idea if someone with this knowledge could create a list of service intervals for the differant models and make it a sticky then people...
  4. Man18430

    W163 Sevice Indicator

    Evening Friends Just had my ML270 serviced by my mechanic, and he has said that he does not know how to re-set the service indicator. Does anyone out there know how to do this or is it a case of taking the car into my nearest MB dealer? My Mechanic (whom I used for a number of years) is under...
  5. W

    Advice re dealer sevice error....

    Guys, I have not posted for a while but need advice please. My car was dealer serviced today. E280CDi V6 diesel. When I next climbed a hill, the car revved out control went past the redline for a while until I reached the top of the hill (very quickly.....). On levelling out, I was able to...
  6. G

    Mercedes indie for sevice rotherham, yorkshire

    Just thought I'd pass on my thanks to John at JAR on Barbot hall in rotherham, for servicing my clk, Fantastic company, john goes above and beyond to meet his customers needs. As I am a member of mbclub, I got 10% off labour aswell :thumb: Highly recommended.
  7. S

    Clk 500 sevice needed

    Hi, need a service B for my CLK500 52 plate what is done in this service?? Does anybody no a good local dealer or specialist in Rotherham, or south yorkshire for that matter. Also what is the average charge for this service. Cheers in advance
  8. O

    next sevice at 600 miles? Then nothing? Odd.

    Hello, at 92,222 I got a spanner and a message saying next service in 600 miles, then it dissipeared. Never bak again? Is the computer confused? What is the service at around 100.000 mark? Cheers. Olivier
  9. Satch

    ASSYST Sevice intervals: Con or stupidity??

    I am very, very annoyed. Many W211/S211 turbo diesel owners have noted that their miles between services are a lot lower than expected and differ from that of others. I recently had a “C” service and instead of the 12,500 miles start point (20k km) expected found that I ended up with 9200...
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