1. addbuyer

    S204 privacy shades

    Hi my C Class Estate has gone so I have a set of privacy shades for sale. I have had this type of product in the last 6 cars and will be getting a set for the E Class eventually. They are approx 6-8 months old (cant remember exactly) but look like brand new. They give the instant privacy glass...
  2. MercedesDriver

    Not black or white, just shades of grey

    For all expats, immigrants and others who are not from "here" wherever this "here" is.
  3. KillerHERTZ

    The Fifty Shades Effect...

    BBC News - Fifty Shades of Grey 999 call spike expected by London Fire Brigade From a toaster? I mean, I can kinda understand a Vacuum cleaner, but a toaster?!? :eek:
  4. Dave Richardson

    CL 203 Privacy shades

    I'm looking for a set of clip on sun/privacy shades for a 2002 w203 coupe also known as a CL203. If anyone has a set in the corner of the garage they no longer require please let me know david
  5. Dave Richardson

    W211 Sun shades

    Spotted e bay Mercedes W211 Tailored Sun Shades Genuine Privacy-Shades | eBay these may be of use to someone:dk:
  6. Dave Richardson

    CL203 Privacy Shades

    Hello , I'm looking for a set of privacy shades for my 2002 CL203, if someone has them tucked away following sale of car please let me know ta Dave
  7. T

    S124 sun shades

    Can anyone recommend a set of sun shades/blinds for rear passenger windows of my 300TE? I think I remember seeing official MB parts for this but not sure of part numbers.
  8. brabD3S

    sunplex window shades

    sunplex window shades anybody purchased,had any experience with them.? just wanted to see any views on them there is a youtube link on fitment inside this link... Solarplexius MERCEDES C W204 Sun Shades Blind Screen Tint Tuning 2007? #25156-5 | eBay they look pretty good to me,and german...
  9. crockers

    Easter 50 shades of Chocolate

    For all you chocolate fans... Mr Cadbury met Miss Rowntree on a Double Decker. It was just After Eight. They got off at Quality Street . ... He asked her name. 'Polo, I'm the one with the hole' she said, with a Wispa. ... ... 'I'm Marathon , the one with the nuts' he replied. He...
  10. nickid

    Two shades of yellow

    Hi all, Well when I bought the car I was told the cars bonnet was a bit faded and when I looked at it a didn't think there was much of a difference until I got home and thought I would just get the bonnet resprayed. Well that was the plan until I was out at the other car and looked across at the...
  11. grober

    Shades of things to come?

    With the announcement that thousands of internet users could effectively lose their internet connection yesterday when the FBI shut down its safety net server facility for certain malware infected computers is this a view of the future where governments step in to regulate what you can access...
  12. E

    E-Class W211 Window shades

    Bought these few days ago from the dealer (£170) but have decided to get the windows tinted so they will be going on ebay very soon, £130 to members! :thumb:
  13. E

    Window shades

    Has any1 got these? if so any good? or shall i just get the windows tinted.
  14. kwakdonut

    A Class Sun Shades

    I've had these on here before but now on E-Bay - Sun Shades - Mercedes A Class (W169) 5 Door 2005> on eBay (end time 10-Mar-10 18:30:42 GMT) Will only fit W169 A Class 5 Door!! Thats 2005 on.... Anyone interested, PM or e-mail me - Tony
  15. kwakdonut

    A Class W169 - Window Shades

    I am selling a full set (6 pieces) of these top quality car window shades. Will fit 5 Door W169 A-Class (2005 on - current shape). Normally £90 delivered - like new, little used. Come in their own bag for storage. Will take £50 delivered. Link is here - Car and 4x4 sun shades and privacy...
  16. 1

    W203 side shades

    this matter have been discussed several times for the W202 but it seems never for the W203. Does anyone have ever installe a couple of factory W203 rear side shades on a W203 sedan? Are the same folding time as the W202? Or are the fixed type like the rear manual shade I've seen on an...
  17. M

    Different shades of paint on body and trim

    I have 1997 c180 elegance in smoke silver but the bumpers and side trim are a different shade of paint (slightly darker) from the actual body anybody know how to get the code for the trim colour ? as i need to touch up some scuff marks thanks... :confused:
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