1. S


    Hi, can anyone advise on size of retaining bolts x 6 and where i can get them as not supplied with replacement half shaft, also are normal metric tools suitable for carrying out job
  2. B

    4MATIC drive shaft bearing

    Someone told me that replacing the front drive shaft bearing (A1129800115) on 4MATIC cars is good preventive maintenance especially on high mileage cars. Has anyone done this on his own? The part is pretty cheap but I'm not sure if it's easily DIY-able.
  3. S

    124 TE Manual Drive Shaft

    Hey folks, Looking for the front half of the drive shaft from a manual wagon/estate/touring/TE etc. I've got a 16v box in my S124 but need the drive shaft. Also after the clutch lines for RHD car. (master cylinder to trans tunnel, tunnel to slave cylinder etc) Cheers
  4. Chrishazle

    Discount Code For Comand Wheel Shaft Replacement Part

    "Hello Chris, i have seen that you recommend my repair set in a forum I have an idea that the other forum members could also have cheap access to the repair shaft. I have made a discount code. The code is „mbclub“ and you will get a 15% discount. I would be really...
  5. M.A.94

    Running wires near steering shaft

    I have got two wires running from my headunit to the driver side of my vehicle. One of the wires is for my mic which sits on the top of my A pillar and the second wire is an ignition wire for my headunit (runs to the fuse box under rear seat). The way I have routed the wires is very close to...
  6. mark_le_b

    M272 C280 Balance shaft question

    Question on the balance shaft issue prone M272 engine (C280) Do they all suffer form the issue if the engine code is within the range effected by the problem, or, is it luck of the draw?? I am looking at an 06 - 69k miles car, but the worry if putting me off! If it doesn't have the issue...
  7. etharla

    Scroll wheel broken shaft

    Hi, was just wondering did anyone ever come across the issue of the scroll wheel function failing? I've heard it's a very common issue. A work colleague had this issue and I took the unit apart and was able to repair it within around 20 mins or so.
  8. S

    CLS 350 M272 Balance shaft issue

    Hello all, I am new here, my name is Sean. Ive owned a 2005 CLS350 for about a month now, the only issue so far was a faulty door jamb switch, an easy fix. The car runs like new, feels new, its done 67000 miles so far. I was wondering how common the well known balance shaft/gear issue...
  9. S

    Starting problem crank shaft position error

    I just serviced my car and changed spark plug, but there was problem with coil and connection on to wrong plug as i have sorted it out there is a error that shows now crankshaft position sensor A circuit. And car something doesnt start but after few min it starts. Please help, i have CLK240...
  10. D

    vito w639 drive shaft

    Had anyone changed drive shafts on vito 639? Both inner boots have split on mine and c v joints are starting to chirp a bit. Any advice on how to remove shafts would be appreciated. Cheers Dan
  11. R

    Broken drive shaft on W201

    Two questions I need answers for please: 1: I am trying to remove the flange bolts that hold the drive shaft to the diff. A T50 Torx bit is a poor fit and has slipped. A T55 torx bit is way too big. What should I be using? 2: I am struggling to find a replacement. So far my options are...
  12. C

    M272 Balance Shaft - Help

    OK so I have just bought an 06 c280. Yes I should have done a bit of research about the model before buying it! So the engine management light came on shortly after I bought it and I took it in for a diagnostic - they told me that it pointed to the "idler shaft" and that it would cost...
  13. Giantvanman

    Drive shaft velocity explained.

    I found this clip and found it interesting. gmV4qwLfOMY
  14. Djw1974

    M272 cam balance shaft problems

    Hi all just joined today, got my slk r171 350 in November and am so far really enjoying it, although after reading numerous horror stories regarding all the cam balance shaft problems I'm starting to worry. My car is a 2005 54 plate 350 amg spec with 7G auto box, what if anything should I be...
  15. maxypriest

    W124 diff change and drive shaft replacement

    Good morning – I’m changing the diff in my W124 superturbodioesel from 3.27 to 2.87 and while I’m at it I’ll be replacing the driveshafts and inspecting the bearings in the rear hubs. Has anyone got any hint and tips? Cheers, Max
  16. F

    Drive shaft boot/gaiter

    Hi all I just left mercedes garage after getting my gearbox oil replaced and they told me that my near side driveshaft boot was split and the only way to change it is by replacing the full drive shaft at £900 with labour . Is there a kit to replace boot or will I have to replace the...
  17. MB James

    Are prop shaft issues common with Viano?

    I've got a 2011 Viano 85000 miles and its making a droning noise at low speeds, seems to be when its warmed up, then when I'm turning right or reversing. I thought it was coming from the rear, suspension or electronic suspension adjustment. But now I think it could be more to the middle. Would...
  18. O

    Cam or crank shaft sensor?

    For the second time my CLK 320 W209 2003 model has cut out. It restarted later, first time I had to wait about 15 minutes, second time about 10 mins. Feelings are this is the crank position sensor. I don't have much spare time at the weekend but my plan was to replace the sensor. Do you...
  19. alan1304

    Prop Shaft Lube

    Can anybody tell me if there is a grease nipple on the W202 prop shaft to lubricate the UJ's. My car is making a Chirping/Squeaking/Clicking noise from the rear of the car that speeds up as the car accelerates and disappears as it moves into second gear. There is no vibration or rumbling at any...
  20. T

    Wanted - W211 E55 amg (2003+) Crank Shaft Pulley

    Hi I am looking for a crank shaft pulley for a W211 E55 amg (2003+). Original Mercedes part with no damage, anyone who has upgraded their pulley might have the original laying around. Ideally around the London area but can travel. Part number: A1130350200
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