1. B

    Is my G/Box Shagged???

    hi guys, I have a c180 on a 97 plate, 140k on the clock. Cracking motor for £450 (apart from being very thirsty and gutless) I must admit, but the box is very reluctant to change up or kick down, worse when cold as expected. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem? Thanks in advance Bam.
  2. Z

    Has towing shagged my auto box!??

    hi guys, i was towed home last night by the rac... average speed was about 35mph and all four wheels where on the was in neutral...we travelled about 5 miles in total... i have been told my mercedes that this may have caused extensive damage to the gear this true...
  3. scotth_uk

    Water pump - shagged?

    Hi all, I set out this morning to flush the radiator, top up with some decent anti freeze and detail the engine bay. Opened the radiator drain valve and emptied the contents. After that was done, I plumbed the garden hose into the overflow bottle and let it run through the system to the...
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