1. I

    Cl63 slight shake or wobble when hot m156 uk model

    Can anyone shed some light on this Thanks
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Shake up of Nurburgring Prices

    MASSIVE shake-up for 2017 Nürburgring TF Tickets! |
  3. N

    W124 M103 idle shake. Age vs Mileage

    I daily drive a 1987 300ce with just over 40k miles. Since I bought it a year ago, it's had a slight shake at idle when in drive or reverse. The revs do not fluctuate, but every second or two you get a slight shake from the engine that's felt through the body. The car also jolts when shifting...
  4. C

    Steering Wheel Shake

    Hi, I have an odd problem where my steering wheel shakes slightly between 60 and 70mph, I have had the wheels balanced by two different garages but although very slight the problem is still there... any ideas?
  5. brucemillar

    Shake, Rattle & Roll

    This may help somebody. On my C55 Estate, I started to get a bad vibration at 55mph. You could not drive through it!! Off to the local wheel balancing people. All wheels checked out nicely. Still the same issue. Problem was getting worse when under load (vibration was more like a shake)...
  6. G

    560 sec engine shake

    Just replaced the engine and tranny mounts, now the car has a bad shake at all speeds. Any ideas? Should the engine shocks have been replaced as well? Cheers!
  7. S

    LowdownVW Harlem Shake

    Just a normal monthly meet really!! lowdownvw harlem shake meet - YouTube If the link hasn't worked just pop along to YouTube and type in lowdownvw Harlem Shake. Cheers!!
  8. T

    Engine Shake...!!!

    Hi Guys Long time since my last post as I have been busy at work travelling abroad back and forth (too much EasyJet :eek:). Anyway.... In the last few days my engine has started to shake after a 5 or 10 minutes drive. You can feel the entire car is shaking but when you look under the...
  9. brens-e200

    unusual shake in transmisson

    hi all, there is a shake ( mild/medium) that occurs in my E240 ( 1999) when I lift off the accelerator at any speed :confused: . This does not occur when accelerator is pressed :dk:. I recently had the engine mounts and gearbox mounts replaced as well as the lower wishbones as the suspension...
  10. grober

    Porsche to shake off "hairdresser's car" image

    Yes in piece of masterful marketing to shake off the "hairdresser's/poser car" image Porsche have come up with a driver's weight loss diet plan! You couldn't make it up.:rolleyes: Porsche engineers a diet for drivers - Scotland -
  11. imbck666

    Shake Shake on startup W124 230E

    Hi all, Had a 'problem' if you call it since I bought my 230E 124. M102 engine if its going to help... Here goes.. On startup, sometimes like 7 out of 10 times I turn the key and the car starts up with a shake shake shake but I mean strong shake... its like someone is shaking the car from...
  12. D

    Rattle and Shake

    having some issues. w203 '54' the front end seems to have a rattle on the suspension linkage etc... its been to 2 different mechanics and nothing seems on towards or has any play... when the car is lifted and settled back down the rattle seems to go for a short peroid of time but eventually...
  13. S

    CLS500 - transmission problem - shake & judder like cold start

    Hi all - I'm new to this site,, though, hope there's some help out there! My CLS 500 (05) has just started to judder and shake when it's cold like a car 20 years older than it is... Has anyone else encountered this problem and - if so - do they have any help they might offer on a solution...
  14. J

    Shake rattle and roll!

    Just had to drive a round trip of about 160 miles with a load rattling sound emanating from the car, one of the heat shields underneath is loose and producing an unholy din :mad: Unfortunately I was committed to doing the trip today for work and didn't have time to get the car looked at. Just...
  15. funga007

    w202 engine shake in drive

    my 202 96 seems to shake quite bad when i stop and the gear is in D, it starts to shake as soon as it gets below 10mph. but when i put it in N the reduces drastically. any reason why this is happening. i have recently changed the engine belt and there was a loose exhuast clamp. the car has done...
  16. belly20034

    A140 (168) steering wheel shake

    Not sure if this is in the right place guy's:crazy: , sorry if its not. The girlfriend drive's a 2004 A140 classic SE 4 door (SWB), i had to use it the other day and noticed the steering wheel was shaking from take-off to 35 MPH, only a tiny bit but wobbling in my hand never the less, so i...
  17. didgit

    Shake Rattle and Fast

    on way home this pm A38, just passing slow volvo when checking rvm bright red car coming up fast behind, moved over to let it through, it was a nice shiney ferrari, dont know what model but was on an X plate, any way pulled out behind it and followed it upto a roundabout, the road had those...
  18. J

    Steering Wheel Shake / balancing

    Hi I have a 2000 model C320. When I get to around 60 mph up to 70 there is a shake coming through the steering wheel. I had the front wheels re-balanced and since then, I have had the back ones checked as well and it did seem to help. I then had 2 new tyres fitted to the front, which were...
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