1. F

    Mercedes C Class w205 new shape manual gear stick shaking

    Hello all, I am new on here and have a issue with my new shape C Class W205 saloon which I am hoping someone can help with. Whilst driving in gear 4 or 6, my gear stick excessively shakes and vibrates which I feel is not normal at all. I have taken the car to the dealers and I was told...
  2. M

    W203 - C270cdi Est Elegance - shaking

    Hi folks, I have a C270 cdi Eleg 90k estate, it randomly wobbles or shakes from the nsf when doing between 50-70. The front passenger always comments that they have just sat in a massage chair. I cant see any bulge in the tyres, nor play in front wheel bearing, it will get worse if the nsf...
  3. 230K

    2011 E350 cdi shaking at idle and misfiring

    Hi I went to view this MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS 3.0 E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Avantgarde 7G-Tronic 5dr Estate for sale in Stockport | Auto Trader today with the intention of making an offer for a straight sale. Everything was in order until the engine was started. It started and idled fine for circa...
  4. S

    w140 s320 hard to start, cutting off and shaking

    Hello all, I went to start the car the other day, its a s320 w140. It was idling, i noticed a misfire from exhaust note (i started engine & was outside of car), it then just switched off. So i got in the car & tried to start it again, which it did but after cranking for about 5...
  5. K

    Merc E220 2007 - Suspension noisy & Engine noisy+shaky+whistle

    Hi Guys, I have had this Merc E220 2007 with 135k miles, for the last 8 months and it has been never driven like any other Mercedes I had. I have many issues with the car and the dealers are unable to pinpoint the issues. I have a service plan with Mercedes but they are refusing to service...
  6. C

    Car still shaking on idle after replacing 4 injectors

    Mercedes C220 CDI W203 Auto Car is shaking on idle but once over 10 mph car runs very smooth. It also picks up speed a little late. Took the car to the mechanic, who told me changing all 4 injectors will solve the problem. Got all 4 reconditioned for 500 pounds, got them fitted problem is still...
  7. C

    Towed car now car shaking!

    Hi, iv Been coming to this forum for a long time now, got a lot of help and DIY tips so thank you very much. Just created an account today to see if you could help me. My c220 w203 2002 automatic stopped the other day, first time this happen to me. The fuel was quiet low and me being new to...
  8. J

    E320/W210 engine shaking running rough

    My 1997 E320 engine is starting to shake or shudder significantly at low speeds and the car is running incredibly rough, since 3-4 days. The car has had a CEL "camshaft position sensor" error code for over a month now, without any problem. The car has about 150000 miles. The spark plugs...
  9. D

    shaking engine??

    Hi all, As some (most) of you know, I had a few issues with knocking engine etc (think it's down to combustion rattle). Anyway, I've been feeding her veggie oil, so I don't know if the shaking engine/spitting manifold is down to this. On idle, the engine shakes as if to make the whole body...
  10. D

    w203 2006 c180k juddering and shaking at low revs

    Hi, Last night when I was setting off home, when I started the car up it started juddering and shaking at low revs. It didn't do this on the previous journey (and it was still warm when I started it up). Its idle speed is below 1000rpm. When I set soff driving last night, it seemed ok...
  11. Pillabenz

    C220 CDI Eratic Shaking at Idle.

    Evening folks, Just bought another Mercedes. This time its a C220cdi Auto. 01 model. Car dives excellent, very responsive, very pleased with it. However, at idle its not very well, it idles at approx 650rpm, the whole car shakes, if i touch the throttle slightly and put it at 750 rpm its...
  12. M

    E280 CDI V6 car shaking

    Hi all My father has gone abroad so his E280 CDI v6 hasn't been driven for about 2 weeks now. I start the car regularly (every 4-5 days) but a few days ago I noticed something not right. When I started the car (after about 5 days from last start) it cranked for a bit longer than normal (is...
  13. babyblueCE

    Horrible shaking!!

    Hello all. Its that time again where one fault leads to another and my luck seems to be running out with my C124. I think someone has cursed me motor :(. I was driving the car yesterday as i hadn't done so for about a week and upon start up the car started shaking pretty badly. I took the car...
  14. D

    W210 2002 Estate Vibration / Shaking

    Hi there, I'm reasonably new to MB and my w210 but have a lot of DIY experience with SAAB 900T 16, the real SAABs not the GM rubbish. IF you know these cars you know to own one you need to be prepared to get your hand dirty. I've done everything to tans exchange to full engine over hall as...
  15. R

    Indesit washing machine vibrating the floor and shaking lots

    The vibrations that come off this washing machine shake the flat. The washing machine came with the house, and has been the same for the past year. So I don't know how old it is, but it certainly doesn't look ancient. When i run a spin with nothing in it, it's not too bad at all. With a...
  16. SSBB

    Shaking steering!

    Im at a loss. The steering wheel shakes at around 70mph as if out of balance wheels, but Ive had them tracked and balanced on four new tyres (last week). I had the car inspected last week and indy specialist found nothing wrong. The following items have been repleced in the last 1000 miles...
  17. K

    My CLK shaking?

    Hi! Sometimes when i stop on traffic lights my CLK starts to shake:crazy: and then after about 10 seconds goes back to to normal. Its all fine when I`m driving it. Anyone knows what would be wrong?
  18. SSBB

    Shaking steering wheel

    My steering wheel shakes at about 70mph and the car pulls gently to the left, I thought it was the tracking so I had this done at HiQ, but the problem is still there. If I go up to 90mph the car goes nice and problems, so I thought it may be the wheel balancing...had that done, and...
  19. C

    c220 diesel "shaking" power loss

    my 96 c220d van is driving me mad. At 1800/2000 rpm it shakes (lack of power), specialy driving up hill. I also notice that some air is coming from the pump to the filter when i acelarete. I' ve changed the fuel Filter and those plastic tubes. can anybody help?
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