1. addbuyer

    Name and shame MB dealer, but is all it seems to be?

    Employee at MB dealer takes a customers A45 AMG home for the night and has some fun. However can the A45 AMG be left is sport+ mode :confused: Mercedes car taken by garage worker for overnight spin | Daily Mail Online
  2. D

    Such a terrible shame.

    BBC News - Five teenagers killed in Conisbrough car crash named One of those who died was my nephews best friend and one of the girls was my best friends god-daughter. Such a tragedy, such a waste of young life, I'm gutted and can only imagine how the parents are feeling. Cherish...
  3. M

    SHAME ON THE BBC and other biased media corporations

    I cannot believe how biased the BBC are with the reporting of the appalling crimes being committed against the Palestinian people. Does the media think people are blind or stupid? It's not about religion, it's about humanity.. The least the media could do is report the full facts and not be...
  4. ringway

    Nice Car. Shame about the wheels.

    A nice car with complete history, low mileage, and what sounds like a very good interior and exterior, but, those wheels... :doh: LINK.
  5. Howard

    Shame it's not a 55

    Or it would be on my driveway already ! Mercedes-Benz CLK Clk320 Avantgarde AMG Sport Pack PETROL AUTOMATIC 2000/W | eBay
  6. Palfrem

    What a shame

    That's not very 007, is it? Driver breaks down in flood waters in £300,000 Vintage Aston Martin | Mail Online Would you risk it and drive through a flood in one of these?
  7. H

    Shame About the New A Class

    Shame About The New A Class Here are some quotes from the WhatCar review of the new A class. “SE and Sport cars come on 'Comfort' suspension, but there isn’t anything comfortable about the way they ride. Even on the standard 17-inch wheels, the A-Class crashes over bigger bumps, and shimmies...
  8. haggis2768

    w124 nice spec,shame its in us.

    item 251101429305 will work out the link thingy one of these days,,,,
  9. poormansporsche

    Fat family have no shame .....

    Excuse my rant ... I have a family of Golikelys living on the flat above my shop I let it slide when I had to change the beds after they broke them being too fat (several times) I let it slide when I had to change the settee after they broke it due to being so fat I let it slide...
  10. MB-BTurbo

    German dealerships puts ours to shame

    This is probably the best dealer website I have seen and have just enjoyed going around looking at all the exotica. Enjoy. AUTO - SALON - SINGEN / virtual tour
  11. 8

    Nice shame it left hand drive

    Mercedes E320 COUPE AMG *Top Of The Range* LHD LEFT HAND DRIVE 320ce ce | eBay Nice shame it's a left hand drive how much do you think the final bid will be ?
  12. Koolvin

    Abusing of Tags - Name and shame

    We wish to remind everyone that bullying will not be tolerated on these forums. Click here to see the original post on our standpoint. A warning about tag abusing was issued last Friday but it's obvious that the warning was ignored. As a result of this victimisiation we have lost a fellow...
  13. bh13coupe

    nice green w124 coupe, shame its in the states,i would have bought it

    :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Mercedes-Benz : E-Class: eBay Motors (item 310264853313 end time Nov-14-10 17:51:18 PST) nicely lowered as well
  14. smillion

    At 85,000m this 6 series BMW would put you to shame

    BMW E24 633CSi ULTRA RARE TWR HALLMARK EDITION 2 OWNERS on eBay (end time 01-Apr-10 19:01:39 BST) What a stunning car.
  15. ringway

    A Great Shame. Sir Bobby Dies.

    Sir Bobby Robson loses cancer fight 45 mins ago Former England manager Sir Bobby Robson has died. Sir Bobby, 76, passed away at his home, a statement issued on behalf of his family said. It said: "It is with great sadness that it has been announced today (Friday) that Sir Bobby Robson has...
  16. vijilants

    BBC rerun of Aus F1 - what a poor quality program !!!...Shame on you BBC !!!

    I have been following F1 for many many years and when I it was going back to the BBC I was glad for one reason - the annoying commercial breaks on ITV. Today I am watching the rerun of the Aus F1, and what a truly poor program. It started of with literally no lead in whatsoever. Literally no...
  17. tpwuk

    Shame there's no pics.....
  18. chriswt

    Crashed Lamborghini. What a shame...

    ...the driver wasn't seriously hurt! This will no doubt be a great pub story for the absolute idiot of a driver rather than a lesson learnt.
  19. D

    Nissan X-Trail that runs on zero shame

    Half a million pounds, who can afford it?
  20. kikkthecat

    Oh the shame !! In a good way really

    Let me start by saying I do not like limousines, and I'll repeat that for the hard of hearing... I DO NOT LIKE LIMOUSINES But... I have been asked to give my time to drive one at an event organised by the National Limousine and Chauffeur Association, Royal Armouries and Blackpool Council for...
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