1. A


    Hi just wondering what's the best shampoo you guys like to use you must have favourites Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. tcb180

    Bilt Hamber Car Shampoo

    Well I have always looked after my cars and always wash them myself. I guess I've got around 48yrs experience in the practice taking into account my early years in the motor trade too. I have never experienced anything quite like this product. One teaspoon to a bucket of warm water and the...
  3. E

    rain neutralising shampoo and high pressure washers

    This maybe a silly question, as I've recently purchase an Eclass with starguard. However now that i will be washing the car, can i use the after care products like rain neutralising shampoo with high pressure washers, or should i stick to a bucket and sponge? Answers & advice please as i'm a...
  4. rom1

    dodo juice sour power shampoo

    first time I used this this shampoo, found it to be really good, made it easier and quicker to clean car, excellent dilution ration 2 cap fulls to 8L of warm water. One thing I noticed I followed the directions used 2 buckets, rinsed and dried as per normal. Now the car looks a lot darker...
  5. Dave Richardson

    Favourite Shampoo

    I've used Zaino, Duragloss 901 & Wolf's car shampoo's all recommended on detailing world at some point or another. Just about to run out & wanting to buy a new bottle, thinking of Bilt Hamer of Chemical Guys 'Citrus Wash' What do you use or hate ? :dk::dk::dk::dk:
  6. Charles Morgan

    Interior shampoo

    I asked for a recommendation some while ago for a shampoo - SPX recommended Autosmart Brisk Extra (and being a very kind soul even sent me some). I was cleaning up the interior of my new Citroen XM which has velour - this is the side by side comparison of before and after. The end...
  7. Felstmiester

    Car shampoo and snow foam

    What car shampoo do you guys put in with your snowfoam?? I've got some basic halfords shampoo that I put in with sf last time but it almost seems to cancel out some of the depth to the foam. When I then tried without the shampoo it seemed better.
  8. ringway

    Car Shampoo Recommendations.

    I have just come to the end of a 2.5ltr container of Turtle Wax Zipwax, car shampoo. Before I buy some more car shampoo, I would be interested to find out what other members are using and why. The best results are what I'm looking for. TIA. Paul.
  9. Charles Morgan

    Car fabric shampoo

    Morning all, I am busy cleaning up the new old white 190E I have bought for not a lot. A morning using a clay bar and then T-cut white polish is starting to bring the paint back to a shine, but the interior, particularly the seats, needs a good clean. Any recs for an easily available and...
  10. D

    Beige interior - shampoo options?

    Just given the wifes W245 a thorough once over (read very thorough) and after the last interior shampoo with the Bissell and the "heavy duty" shampoo - SWMBO seems to have marks in the seats this time that were too much for it. Sadly the interior is "beige" - so tends to show marks etc...
  11. jonnyMercUK

    Difference between 'Snow Foam' and 'Pressure Washer Shampoo'??

    Anyone know the difference between 'Snow Foam' and 'Pressure Washer Shampoo'??
  12. E

    What Car Shampoo / Wash do you favour!

    Hi guys, As you know we are one of the largest suppliers of Meguiars products in the UK - We stock more parts in each of our stores than Halfords, We carry the entire range in our mail order warehouse, and we sell more than any other valeting company you can think of :thumb...
  13. LocheeLad

    Bargains to be had on AutoGlym products!

    FYI I went into my local B&Q superstore today for a wee look around and they have a small selection of car cleaning products, including some AutoGlym products. However I did notice they have a "3 for 2" on ALL car leaning products just now...and just to add the icing on the cake they have...
  14. cplnoonoo

    Best performing shampoo

    What are peoples opinions on the best shampoo out there at the moment? I use the gold class stuff from megs but its a tad on the pricey side (as is most of their stuff anyway). Its still produces amazing suds and is handy for adding a drop or 2 to the snowfoam mix...did i mention it smells...
  15. Spinal

    Foaming lance & shampoo

    I remember a while ago someone was raving about a shampoo bought on another forum along with a lance.... I managed my motorbike outside for one night, and it rained.... so now I need to wash it, and want to try the shampoo foam instead of a sponge... Any recomendations? M.
  16. L

    Looking for either a good seat shampoo or made to fit covers

    My seats in my W210 look fine at a glance, but they are that "marble-effect" cloth in the Elegance model and on closer inspection you can really notice the stains. Is there a product that can clean these without the need for a water-proof type vaccum cleaner? Or does anybody manufacture...
  17. jahewitt

    Pressure Washers - What shampoo to use ?

    Has anyone got a pressure washer - a Karcher or similar ? I was wondering what shampoo you add - I want a really foamy one ? any ideas ? Also where do you get it from ? thanks
  18. L

    Car Shampoo

    Does anyone know of a car shampoo which does not leave streaks? I would like to be able to give the car a quick wash and hose down (in between proper cleaning) . I have tried Autoglym, Zymol and many others but find they leave streaks which show up badly on a black car. I thought at time of...
  19. N

    MB Shampoo

    This message is for those of us who can't spend wads on polish. :rolleyes: I picked up the MB paint cleaner and MB Shampoo, just out of interest. The paint cleaner is pretty average, ie I can't tell any difference form any other that I've used. The shampoo, on the other hand, is fab...
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