1. gr1nch

    In praise of the CL. Has there been a more perfectly shaped coupé?

    Every time I see one side on, my heart goes a flutter [emoji14] Pic from AutoTrader.
  2. Palfrem

    Wrong shaped number on motorway gantry signs

    'Wrong-shaped numbers' let speeders off hook: Convictions overturned due to irregular motorway warning signs | Mail Online Love this sort of thing! Surely though, if they are not in accordance with Transport Dept rules & regs then all prosecutions are illegal and the drivers must be...
  3. nigel cross

    Round L shaped Bar

    Just looking through my ML's drivers documents and I have come across a metal L shaped bar. It measures about 1" at the bottom of the L by 61/2" long The bar diameter is 1/8" any idea what it for? no marking on it
  4. Mactech

    My Terrier's gone pear shaped!

    My Border Terrorist has decided that pears are the only thing worth eating at the moment. Having a tree full of some rather nice conference pears on his patch and the ability to leap at least twice his own height, he is becoming a tubby terrier:crazy: I've only had collies before and whilst...
  5. Gucci

    ML mat shaped present under the tree

    My twin brother asked, 'what do you want for Christmas?'. So I dropped a small hint by emailing him the stock number for a full set of ribbed Mercedes mats for my ML :D... We met to exchange presents, he dropped a small clue by saying "these are your mats" :D. If they're beige he's to be maimed...
  6. Pietre

    Happiness Is Merecedes Shaped

    At last, after being seperated from my W210 for the last 11 days, I get her back today after some tender care from the bodyshop (courtesy of Mercedes) without the rust on my front wheel arches. After a quick chat with bodyshop they confirmed that new wings were fitted to both sides. What a nice...
  7. BenzComander

    Newer shaped S Class Pro's and Con's?

    Was looking at Auto Trader today, and saw that post 99 S Class cars are in our budget. Do they suffer from any particular problems (Rust!!:mad: ) or are they as well built as the previous version. Cheers,
  8. marc777

    Ideas for 19" alloys for W211 E270 (new shaped e-class)

    I have had my car since new for 18 months and its time to do something. Don't get me wrong I love it but think it would be nice to get some really outstanding wheels - I just need some ideas. They have to be 19". Not too "Bling" I have 17" 5 spoke alloys with sports suspension on...
  9. craigyb

    It all went pear shaped....

    Well I was on my way to the NTG when the women behind me in her rover 600 locked up and skidded right into the back of me. looks pretty bad, boot has been pushed about an inch or so, car still driveable, but I'm well fed up. Thankfully we were not injured, just shaken. Maybe me and...
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