1. G

    NTG4.5 maps to share

    Hi all I've not been posting for long here, and have a question. I have map's 2017-2018 euro ntg4.5 &4.7 (same DVD's) I'm willing to create a torrent and host it on my seedbox just wanted to check this is o.k before doing so.. i did a search for the word "torrent" and didn't find...
  2. M

    Can anyone share there advice before I purchase w124

    hey guys I'm looking to purchase a W124 estate and have come across this one on eBay and I was just wondering if you guys noticed anything about it or if it's a good deal? I'm looking to run one as a daily driver so I want to buy the right one . Is there anything I should be looking out for on...
  3. I

    Just viewed 500SEC - happy to share

    1984 MERCEDES 500 SEC COUPE | eBay Just returned from a 450 mile round trip to see this. I think the comment about not being disappointed isn't correct. If anyone would like a summary, please pm me. Cheers, Paul
  4. G

    FOR SALE: Albion CLOUD Backup + Share 3yr plan

    I have an unwanted, unopened (obviously) Albion iStore CLOUD Backup + Share pack, prepaid for 3yrs (happy to provide a copy of the original invoice). The backup is unlimited, and includes 500GB "Sharing Briefcase", accessible from all your computers. More info here: Albion Cloud...
  5. bob6600

    Share dealing - any recommendations??

    Some advice from the panel please. I have a friend who wants to open a share dealing account but is looking for recommendations. Wants to deal with shares online but obviously pay as little commission as possible. I have used TD Investments (was moved over when Natwest Stockbrokers closed)...
  6. Mr Fixit

    Thought Id share a useful tip

    I had no sound from the Comand system after having left the car (C55) for a few days. Screen (head end) was on and working but no sound. I thought the amp had gone and checking this site it did look this way however checked with Mark and he suggested disconnecting the -ve , waiting a few...
  7. funga007

    Which parts does my W202 share with others?

    I have a 202 and i know certain parts such as steering wheel, side mirrors etc etc are compatible from other models such as w140 w124. but what else can i use from other models. Thanks in advance guys/gals
  8. O

    Finally - W124 is ready to share !

    Hi All, I've been a regular visitor to the forum for a couple of years so these photo's are well overdue. The work below has now all been completed which only leaves a new accelerator cable left to do ! - new shocks and springs all round - wiring loom repaired (done by Tony Leach...
  9. Borys

    Wanted to share few pics....warning Bmw inside

    So traded my S class for F01 Bmw 730d M sport It has been few months now and got mixed feelings.Drive wise much sportier then merc, very special place to be in but it is not as nicely put together as the S class.I'm getting few squeaks and rattles inside the cabin which are very annoying...
  10. Mat B

    Share holder advice

    Can anyone advise me what rights a non majority shareholder has in a limited company. The company has one director (me) And two share holders One with 51% (me) and the other with 49% I keep seeing money going out, like payments to people (his wife) and new vehicles. I've not...
  11. machineheadrock

    I hate potholes, share your pothole photos here!

    I love my CLK Really I do, but one week in, and already it needs a new lower arm and windscreen is getting replaced on insurance in two weeks time Then it has a MOT. In one week I have bought a new seat belt, a new fog and a new lower arm. I know I got the car at a steal, but I really hope it...
  12. travelininstyle

    A Good Dealership Story to Share.

    Well my PCP was due to end and this been my first,I was full of anxieties about the options in front of me - so I began looking at different options - including buying ! - the car I was due to hand back came from MB Stockport Dealership and it was a very nice low millage CLK - but before rushing...
  13. dubsR33

    Thought id share my other pride and joy

    Okay chaps im relatively new here but not new to forums and cars :thumb: I used to be the Southwest area rep on and have owned my R33 GTST for 8 years now and its locked away in a secure lock up and only comes out in the sunshine :D The car was completely stock when i...
  14. Miss Ellie

    Hanstons - pls share your thoughts ref R107 refurb

    After taking my '84 R107 to various places to assess it for future bodywork (some small localized rust issues and a respray) I am leaning towards Hanstons in Altincham. I searched this forum for opinions on Hanstons and notice a couple of Hanstons enthusiasts ... and wondered if others have...
  15. Gollom

    Generic share information

    I have some shares in the company I work for and my opinion is that they will be good for increase over time, So much so that I may buy some more given that the general interest rate is so crap! Not a huge amount and not all my savings - just trying to build a pension nest egg! Of course the...
  16. Palfrem

    Had to share this gem

    1986 C MERCEDES 190E 2.3 16V BLACK COSWORTH MANUAL - SPARES/REPAIR, RESTORATION | eBay I particularly like pic #3
  17. W

    Not mercedes, but had to share

    Tempted? Roverlicious... rover 600 622 vtec h22a | eBay
  18. W

    Had to share this ...

    Was driving off the M4 at junc 17 this afternoon when an Electricity Board van passed me. Its numberplate was totally obscured with a perfectly fitting cardboard sign saying 'BELL END' Made me laugh anyway ... Not sure the Police would have been so entertained though?
  19. C

    Share Saves

    Hi guys after some advice regarding sharesaves and capital gains tax. Is it possible to use your partners allowance or transfer them to the wife to avoid the capital gains tax? Thanks
  20. LTD

    Share a winter tip

    Let's share any tip to help with the onset of winter that we have learned over the years ... My tip - Place a 2 litre bottle of hot (not boiling) water against the INSIDE of your windscreen on icy mornings. The hot water heats the glass and then melts the frost/ice. Your screen clears quickly...
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