1. F

    Sharp cracking noise

    I have a c63 estate and when going over certain types of bump it emits a 'sharp crack' almost like a pistol shot from somewhere in the rear, sounds like it's coming from the roof or side panels, I've tried everything, tailgate open, rear seat belts you name it, we've tried to isolate it but...
  2. mercmanuk

    Sharp Aquos LC-20S1E - LCD TV - 20 inch

    Sharp Aquos LC-20S1E - LCD TV - 20 inch perfect condition no marks on the screen comes with remote,power supply,stand and origional box. had very little use as fitted in the spare room yes i did pay £1000 when new full spec below Buy Cheap Sharp Aquos LC20S1E LCD TELEVISION - Reviews UK...
  3. The Boss

    CLS DESIGN - Looks Sharp!

    PistonHeads Headlines
  4. Godot

    Fly Me to the Moon, but keep a sharp look out! :crazy::crazy::crazy:
  5. C240Sport97

    Outrageous MB Parts Sharp Practice

    I have a bit of rubber trim missing on the curved bit of fixed rear window panel of my CLK .. it's about half the diameter of a straw and about 2 to 3 feet long .... So, I went in today to get a new piece. Guess what?? You have to buy the whole damn metal trim bit as well, as they don't...
  6. nickg

    Sharp practice from Ken 'Capita' Livingstone

    Paid the congestion charge last week, and luckily kept the receipt because yesterday received a PCN. Now I have to send them my receipt as proof that I paid, and hope they don't lose it............always keep your receipt!!! On a connected matter, I came across this site the other day...
  7. F

    Sharp GX10i Camera Cellphone for sale

    Sharp GX10i Camera Cellphone for sale Brand new in box . Never used All this for only £220 + shipping. Any Questions email me. The Sharp GX10i is stylish, smart and compact. It is the second camera phone offering from Sharp in the European market. Camera: Built in 110K...
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