1. ChrisEdu


    Having recently made the move to double edged razor blades, I'm only sorry that I didn't make the switch from Gillette, et al. sooner. Not only are the blades ridiculously cheap in comparison, but there's something more satisfying about the process of using them. Are there any others out...
  2. general patten

    Shaving brake pads

    I have just fitted new disks,pads,calipers to my 1996 e220 MERC.I now have a problem as the brake pads are too thick,and when i put the wheel back on it rubs on the the brake caliper and I can't tighten the wheel up to the wots the best option,shave brake pads or put wheel spacers on...
  3. I

    Shaving the door handles

    Okay, I own my old 204 and now it's worth nowt, I am thinking of making some serious mods to my car, some have threads already and to be honest, I think that this thread should really be on the American version of MB world. But you never know, there may be some geniuses here as well. I am having...
  4. Jukie

    Clarins shaving gel

    Got 3 available. PM me if interested. David.
  5. J

    shaving weight off my merc

    As my car is 1999 model, it came with a normal spare 17" AMG alloy wheel in the boot, same as the ones on the car itself. Although its an alloy wheel, its still quiet heavy actually, not to mention it occupies large space under the boot mat. However, i have been reading on some websites...
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