1. H

    Mercedes 129 sheepskin covers

    Does anybody know the part number for mercedes 129 sl500 year 2000 sheepskin seat covers in cream or beize i believe they were available as a genuine accessory i saw it in an (out of date catalogue) as an accessory but there was no part number thanks hilton wolff south africa +27824445432
  2. G

    Sheepskin over rugs

    I have a contact who is going to make me a set of sheepskin over rugs for the SE. I have to send him a template. They are also backed with a pad so not just sitting flimsily on the hide.They are also short cropped (about an inch deep) I have seen them for sale but have been quoted 5/600 quid My...
  3. Timster

    Wanted: Seat Covers for 124 Estate ?Sheepskin?

    Hi there. The upholstery on my 124 estate is getting tired after 260k so I'm looking for some nice seat covers, preferably sheepskin. Anyone got anything left over from an old car they'd be willing to sell me? Cheers. Tim.
  4. sportyreptile

    Sheepskin Over Rugs for a Merc?

    Can you get Sheepskin over rugs for a Merc? The reason I ask is I was lucky enough today to get a ride in a Bentley Turbo R, it really was something special and I realised I've been seriously out posed :o Anyway, this amazing car had very deep pile sheepskin over rugs fitted. they looked...
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