1. R

    1st Benz W203 - Sheffield

    Hey Up All, Bought a W203 270 cdi so thought i would join up. I have just replaced the HU in the car and fitted some OSRam Nightbreaker Lasers. I am looking at bigger wheels bigger brakes and a remap. Hopefully find some more info on here :-). Zaff
  2. Sheffield Col

    indie Nr. Sheffield

    hi can anyone recomend a good indie inor near Sheffield please, thank you.
  3. 3ayg

    Looking For STAR in Rotherham / Sheffield Area

    Hi All, I am in need of STAR in the Rotherham or Sheffield area. Can anyone recommend an indie? Cheers in advance!
  4. L

    Wedding car in Sheffield area

    Hi Everyone, My daughter is getting married and I was wondering if there is any one in the Sheffield area with a classic who may consider a Wedding car job, I would rather give my money to an enthusiast? Many thanks, Les
  5. Adamccc

    Ride For Wayne /// Fundraiser @ Sheffield, UK

    Hi Guys, We're raising funds for a fellow petrolhead that was sadly taken from us last month. The day is sure full of amazing cars, dyno runs & passengers rides along with prizes for fastest lap on our racing simulator, Car of the day, Show and shine, Highest power on the dyno & more. Entry to...
  6. Magic74

    Charity car show 25th Sept, Killamarsh, Sheffield,

    Sorry its short notice my workmates at Stagecoach have organised a funday charity event & all proceeds will go to Western Park cancer charity in sheffied, they did have a classic car club booked but have since let them down, i have been asked if I can get some cars to show. not sure what size...
  7. Abb

    Any members in Sheffield area???

    Know it's a long shot, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! I am trying to purchase a cherished number via a dealer who is selling on behalf of an individual. It seems to be taking an eternity on getting any responses, so while I wait with baited breath, I thought I would see if anyone on here...
  8. D

    Airbag warning reset - Sheffield

    Hi folks, Good news - no more machine-gunning from the door lock :D Bad news - airbag warning light now on :( Anyone in the Sheffield area have a STARs code reader (or similar) who could reset an airbag warning? I replaced the door lock the other week and disconnected the batter and the...
  9. D

    New (old) C-Class owner from Sheffield

    Hi folks, I purchased my first Merc at the weekend - it's a 2002 C-Class coupe in silver with the lovely 2.3 Kompressor engine, full leather interior etc. I've always liked the look of the C-Class so I traded in my VW Golf V5 and I'm now the happy owner and new member of the Merc club :)...
  10. Magic74

    Newbie from Sheffield

    Hi all I would like to introduce myself, I recently got my late dads mercedes c220 cdi can't wait for events/shows & meet other members. This will be my second mb as last year I owned a 230 SLK as a second car 1st been a jaguar, I have taken them both to car shows and came 2nd to a peterbuilt...
  11. R

    Newbie here from Sheffield

    Hi guys!! Thanks for having me here. I'm contemplating of buying my first used ML270 end of Feb or perhaps March and saw a few advertised on Autotrader, Ebay and the like for £3,000-4000 with FSH with varying mileage of 80,000 to 130,000 miles. These are within my budget of 3 to 4 k. I am aware...
  12. trapperjohn

    Chorley - Sheffield tomorrow. Best route?

    OK Yorkshire and back tomorrow, Catcliffe near Sheffield final destination. Hoping to set off at around 10am. Anyone travel Preston/Chorley to Sheffield on a regular basis and have a predominantly motorway route please? Satnav wants to take me A Roads not interested at this time of year...
  13. Andrew W

    Hi from Sheffield .

    Good evening everyone just a quick intro from myself , I love Q cars and Most things with a tasty engine . Not had a car for a few years just my van ;) but had a nice Motorbike collection . Any how the bikes have gone bar my fireblade so I'm looking at getting myself another thirsty...
  14. B

    Sheffield Specialist - Error Codes P0010 and P0020

    Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advise and recommendation... The engine warning light has come on my 56 Reg C180k. Not sure exactly why, the only thing I can think is that my friend who took it for a spin was using the tiptronic gearshift and dropped down from 4-3-2 too quickly. This caused...
  15. alanm999

    mb spares in sheffield

    hi newbie here im looking for the connector housing that fits in the transmission case just above the auto sump pan the round one that has 2 o rings on and is held in place with a 7mm bolt a part No would be helpful also what it is actually called also is it possible to replace this item...
  16. A

    Merc Servicing in sheffield

    Hi all new member here anyone know of a good independent dealer in the Sheffield Rotherham area where I can get my E class serviced? Cheers AMGdavidg
  17. W

    Servicing in Sheffield / Rotherham area.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for where I should take my 2001 SLK 320 for its A Service? Europa have quoted £199 which is probably a little more than I expected. I used to use JAR Motorsports in Rotherham for my SLK work but they seem to no longer have a website or a connected phone so...
  18. T

    2002 C180 2.0 petrol, Sheffield, £1895

    Finally selling my c class, Owned it for past 8 years, now its time for a change, Tax till end of october, tested till feb 14, 144000 miles, Jvc aftermarket stereo, climate control, cruise control, electric windows, electric heated mirrors, electric sunroof, Electric seats, amg number plate...
  19. 3

    Hi from Sheffield

    Hi all, bought my 1992 300CE on Monday as a weekend car. Lovely condition and fsh with 31 service stamps!!! All the toys work, no rust on the body and the engine and box sweet so ready for some miles over the bank holiday. Waited a long time for one of these since I worked on them in my first...
  20. T

    Mint W203 Cloth Seats, Hardly Used, £100 Sheffield.

    As title says, I have a set of w203 c class black cloth seats taken out of a 2007 c230 when new for a set of leathers, Been stored since, these are absolutely mint, almost brand new, Was gonna fit these in my 190e but changed my mind Selling as I need the garage space, Grab a bargain, £100...
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