1. R

    Parcel Shelf Cord/Strap/Rope/String/Line

    What is the name for the pieces of string that attach to your parcel shelf at one end and the car at the other so when the boot is lifted the shelf comes up too? I have broken both the plastic bits on the end and need replacements for my 2005 C220 CDI but cannot find the part number anywhere!
  2. G

    Removing glue from rear shelf?

    Anyone have any recommendations for removing glue residue from car interior? Like from a mascot or something, it's left behind a square patch of sticky glue. I have seen glue/tar removers but they seem to be meant for the exterior, bit scared to try them on a car interior. Any products or...
  3. PSD379

    2013 C63 Coupe Parcel shelf removal

    Hi All, Does anyone have any instructions on how to remove the parcel shelf from a 2013 C63 Coupe? Any help appreciated. Thanks PSD379
  4. G

    Electric parcel shelf c220 estate

    I wonder if anyone has experienced a similar issue. The cables on the electrical parcel shelf on my c220 estate have come out, seemingly as the parcel shelf tried to close something in the boot prevented this and this has exposed the cables. Does anyone know if fitting these cables back into...
  5. T

    W204 C63 Parcel Shelf Rattle

    I've got a 2012 (62) C63 Coupe, 22k miles and has had a rattle coming from the rear parcel shelf. It's correlated to road smoothness and speed, gets worse when faster and bumpier.....! Mercedes have had it twice, replaced the rear speaker unit once and 'padded it out', no improvement! Has...
  6. M

    Genuine mercedes c class 2008-2013 parcel shelf / load cover

  7. S

    rear parcel shelf rattle (class coupe)

    Hey people My C class Coupe is booked in for its very first service I have asked mercedes to have a look at a newly developed rattle from the rear shelf but just incase they cant find it has anyone else had this problem ? I read the amg's also suffer tia but couldn't find a fix Thanks...
  8. ChrisEdu

    Faded rear shelf

    What's the best way to put colour back into a faded rear shelf in a 06 E-Class saloon?
  9. D

    W211 saloon - run a wire through parcel shelf?

    I would like to run a thin cable from the boot area to the parcel shelf area. This is a USB cable to provide power to a rear-facing camera. I have had a good look around in the boot to see if there are any gaps or grommets that would allow me to pass the cable through without drilling...
  10. G

    a150 (w169)parcel shelf

    i have recently sourced a parcel shelf for my 2005 plate will not retract and im not sure if it can be opened to retension it.cant see any screws just rivets.can anyone help me with would be much appreciated.
  11. Herishi

    noisey electric parcel shelf

    Guys I have a 2007 s211 e280 with and electric raising and lowering parcel shelf/ cargo cover. It's nice and quiet going up but going down it makes enough noise to wake the dead lol. Any pointers? Thx Steve
  12. S

    W203 rear shelf removal

    Can anyone let me know how to remove the rear shelf on a W203 Saloon? One of my speaker covers has an annoying buzz with certain base notes so I need to have a look and see if I can secure it.....
  13. P

    W164 black parcel shelf

    I am looking for an ML W164 parcel shelf to buy. Can anyone help out? Am willing to pay for it of course. Cheers
  14. R

    parcel shelf

    Does anyone know we're I can get a parcel shelf for Mercedes b class sport 09 plate. The ones I've looked at cost over £100 used just wandering anyway. I live in Liverpool
  15. J

    Tailgate and parcel shelf issues.....

    Hi folks, I'm new here so firstly hello everyone. I'm hoping that the wizards of this forum can help me with my recently purchased W211 E320 CDI Avantgarde estate (2004). My issue is with the electric tailgate, parcel shelf and alarm. I've removed the siren to rule out that common problem...
  16. S

    W212 W207 W204 Rear shelf removal to access HK Sub

    Hi, Has anyone removed the rear shelf on their e class / c class they look like a very similar design. My rear shelf has the rattle caused by the HK sub. I know a lot of people have taken them back to the dealers to have the rear shelf area packed with dynamat/ sound insulation to prevent the...
  17. R

    C63 coupe parcel shelf rattle

    Hi guys, Just wanted to ask if any of you have issues with rear parcel shelf rattle if so is it fixable its driving me nuts.
  18. jwarren

    W164 ML rear parcel shelf - how to fix?

    Hi, the retractable element of the cover has failed and won't spring back, any idea how this can be fixed..... tried Google for diagram of the part and failed...
  19. DanMorgan

    W124 Coupe Rear Headrests + Parcel shelf + Electric Driver Switch

    Hi All, As the title - On the look out for rear black headrests for my W124 Coupe. Currently changing over interior on two of my Coupes and the other one does not have the rear headrests and parcel shelf. I'm also on the look out for the electric driver front seat switch - part number 002...
  20. Alex

    W164 Black Parcel Shelf

    I have a retractable parcel shelf off 2008 W164 ML. It is in good used condition, fully working guaranteed. Collection from Milton Keynes or can wrap and post for £15. £75 Bank transfer £78 Paypal PM if interested.
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