1. Halcyon Days

    Sherborne Classic Car Show

    You've just missed it - Sunday 20th! But.. It was really quite good! All the cars seem to be "drivers" - even had dead flies on the front! Really good access to all the cars: Ferrari's, Inc 458, F12, Enzo, 328s etc TWO Jaguar XJ220s 40 Astons 60 Porsches Even a Veyron.. Noticeable...
  2. R

    MB specialist nearest to Sherborne, West Dorset

    Who would be the nearest MB specialist to Sherborne in West Dorset? I urgently need to buy either a late model 190 or an early C class - Details as follows: Saloon, Manual trans, mileage below 100K, not a Cosworth, FSH. Have ready cash for the right car. Email [email protected]
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