1. S

    W209 Gear wont shift

    Hi all, Gear box problem with my W209 CLK 2005 model changed transmission oil Wednesday 02/08 same transmission problem a week ago any help or suggestion /repair cost will be appreciated. Location BB7 RAC DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM System Type: ENGINE SYSTEM TEST/VALUES Name: 272.940 - ME...
  2. 5

    Help: MY CLS 55 wont up shift to 5th

    Hi was wondering what might be the problem. I just bought the car and it won't change up to 5th when using the buttons on the steering wheel. all other gears are fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. N

    2006 7G Occasional Shift issue & Software updates

    Hi, My 320cdi has the 7G gearbox, has done 78K with gearbox oil change last year. It seems fine, other than if it's been driven, then left for an hour or so, then driven again - if I give it any more than 1/2 throttle (e.g. pulling out or overtaking) it will struggle to shift from I...
  4. P

    Paddle Shift

    I am currently searching for my next SLK 200/280, 2008 to 2010 model. I've seen some 2010's with paddle shift and a great low mileage 200, 2008 without paddle shift, I really like the idea of having paddle shift and wondered: could this be added by a garage ? or would this be too difficult to...
  5. MWCLS

    Shift buttons under steering wheel not working.

    It maybe a coincidence, my C209 CLK has a aftermarket double din touch screen media with what looks like the GPS antenna mounted on the dash under the windscreen. When i switch the gearbox mode to M the buttons do nothing, possibly haven't been connected back? Im guessing they are just micro...
  6. ianw19

    W212 7G+ box down shift

    My journey home in the bad weather meant a very stop/start drive. My gearbox likes to upshift pretty quickly when accelerating, but when the revs start to drop below 1k, it downshifts, particularly if I am going up any sort of incline. I've noticed this before, but particularly tonight, the...
  7. D

    W164 ML 320 Auto Park Select Button Not Working

    I have an ML 320 that the Park Select Button on the Auto Gearbox Shift stick selector has stopped working. The gearbox works fine in all other respects but the only way to put the vehicle in Park at the end of a journey is to take the key out of the ignition. Is this a common fault, is there...
  8. A

    A207, C207 automatic gear shift illumination

    2009-2013 model. Should the P, N, R, D symbols and the C-S-M button be illuminated at night when the lights are on?.......just noticed that all other buttons in the car are illuminated, apart from these...... If so, how do you check/change the bulb. Allan
  9. Stevie1982

    C63 manual shift down 2 gears

    So although there are a few c63 gearbox threads around this is a specific question as I'm a little confused and wondering if I'm missing something so, When in sports plus driving at say 50-60 and the gearbox is in 6th or 7th with a slight press of the accelerator pedal and it will drop to...
  10. C

    HELP 2004 E220 CDI W211 722.6 5-Speed Gearbox surging jerking shift issues

    I have a shift/gearbox problems which are really bad but ONLY when the car/gearbox is cold. When the car is warm, there are zero issues:confused: The problem is when I set off and the car accelerates and all seems okay but the first time I stop and set off again, the car starts to...
  11. G

    E55 won't shift gears

    This is on behalf of a friend who has recently purchased a 1998 E55 with 156k miles. Sometimes the box simply refuses to shift and despite a recent fluid and filter change it continues to play up. Initially I suspected the electro plate but switching off and restarting doesn't cure it. Also no...
  12. edtzxr

    jerky shift in very slow traffic

    Hi all, Looking for a little advice. I have a 1999 clk320 a208 (the convertible version of the w208) 5 speed auto box not triptronic She has done 80k and has a full service history. owned her now for about 8 months and few minor issues all dealt with but this weekend stuck in slow moving...
  13. TomCL55

    cl55 without f1 gear shift on steering wheel

    Hi bought another cl55 kompressor but this one has no f1 paddles ( heated steering instead ) does anyone know if the wires/connectors should be there to swap out the heated wheel to the f1 type steering wheel. Thanks guys. Tom
  14. A

    W212 2013 gear shift stalk.

    This gear shift stalk is on the right side of the steering. On my other car, this is where the turn signals is. I really dread the occasion when I want to turn right and accidentally operate this stalk instead. Is there a safety incorporated against this? Will that action put the gear into...
  15. K

    w123 230C: column shift!

    1979 DAIMLER/ MERCEDES BENZ 123C WHITE GENUINE 58K 2 PREVIOUS OWNERS | eBay Carbs and column shift!
  16. Trickythemerc

    Shift Speeds

    At what speed does the 722.6 box change into 5th under normal throttle opening conditions. Mine does it at just under 50 mph, is this about the right speed. :dk:
  17. Herishi

    Paddle Shift operation

    I will be going to check out a 2006 e320 sport in the very near future, the car in question has the paddle shift option fitted and while im not sure I will use it I want to make sure it works correctly when I test drive the car. Do you have to press a button or engage a mode so that it will...
  18. kalvin928

    cls (w209) e63 (w211) large paddle shift steering wheel

    was going to fit to car but other plans now. Complete wheel with airbag. excellent order; no wear. was from cls 63 but gather its the same as e63.... but I might be wrong!! looking around £450 collected
  19. J

    R230 SL55 Steering Wheel with Shift Buttons

    Just replaced this for a wheel with flippers. Sl55 is 2004/5 and wheel is in good condition. Mercedes SL AMG Leather Steering Wheel from 2004/5 SL55. Fits R230.W220.W219 | eBay
  20. C

    HELP 2004 E220 CDI W211 722.6 Gearbox surging jerking shift issues

    I have a shift/gear problem which is really bad in the morning when the car is cold. When I set off the car accelerates normally but seems to hold onto the gear then it will jolt into the next gear and start to surge like I'm on and off the accelerator? Same into the next gear up, again...
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