1. D

    W124 to W210 gear shifter??

    I want to install a later W210 gear shifter to my W124... As you guys know, the W124 shifter and stalk is one piece, whereas on the W210, the stalk stays in situ and its just the gear shifter that comes off.. Iv seen people use the later ones on earlier cars... so how best to go about it...
  2. JFisher

    Shifter knob replacement on W203

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and I would like to start with the question. I am looking to replace a shifter knob on my 2005 C320 W203 and was wondering if the knobs are universal and come in standard size. I found a MOMO knob...
  3. E

    New style Mercedes gear knob shifter

    New SLS style Mercedes gear knob shifter Hello everyone I am looking for the new style Mercedes auto gear knob. Please pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  4. Screwdriver

    W123: Shifter Surround in Black

    Wanted a surround that has cut outs for: 1) Power windows 2) Audio Fader 3) Power Mirror 4) Hazard light Must be black and with no cracks. PM with your offer. Thanks in advance!
  5. B

    Gear shifter for 2001 Clk 230 Komp

    Afternoon all. After trying to dry out the electrics on my gear shifter it looks like there fried so I need to replace the whole thing. Does anybody have one that will fit ? There are part numbers all over it so I don't no what is what. It's for a 2001 Clk 230k tip tronic I believe ? Sent...
  6. E

    Automatic gear shifter noise

    Hello everyone, I am a new member of the MBclub, so first in insist on thanking all the administrators, members and everyone who contributes to help the MB owners resolve their car issues. so thank you everyone. I do have myself an issue with my gear shifter (i think). I hear a clapping...
  7. K

    W124 300E 5-speed conversion gear shifter queries

    Hello all, Firstly an introduction. I have just registered but I've been into Mercedes for a good few years now. I have three W124 saloons, an '88 230E, an '89 300E and a '90 260E. In the past I've had a W123 wagon, coupe and a W201 2.6. I'm currently gathering all the parts I need to...
  8. P

    W210 E220 cdi Auto 2001 Gear Shifter Sticking

    Hello Everybody. I would like to begin by thanking all of you for the good advice and instruction which has really helped me at times of bother in the past. I recently left my 2001 E220 cdi Auto 120,000 mls parked for five days. It was fine when I left it but on my return it started up ok but...
  9. JimboDS

    New 7G+ models with column shifter

    Hi all, Browsing car reviews I'm curious about the newer MBs with a column shift. Do they have the same Eco and Sport modes as the 7G+ cars with the gear lever on the transmission tunnel? If they do, where is the button? I'm guessing they must have but I can't spot the button in any...
  10. B

    w202 transmission shifter replacement

    W202 gurus I have found I think what my problem do I tell my transmission is in park before I put autoshifter back on
  11. J

    Gear electronic shifter been quoted £400 plus fitting?

    Wifes car stuck in first (2001 320 auto) 300 miles away from home . Tow truck took her to Mercedes indie who said that, maybe drink-etc, had damaged the gear changer electrics. Garage said it was a sealed unit, so difficult to get into the electonics. Only way was new replacement (£400), plus...
  12. E

    Gear Shifter Help

    Hello everybody! New here on this wonderful forum First let me thanks for the great opportunities that you offer here. Second my introduction I'm Ermal from Albania. I need help from anyone I need to buy something for my W203 C-Class (01) I don't know well the name but maybe is Gear cover...
  13. Rashman

    Changing the gear shifter

    Hey guys, I was thinking of changing my gear shifter. I really want one of the new style shifters - the square-looking ones with the hole through it. Thing is, I'm not sure if it'll fit. I'm awaiting some feedback from the dealers and also the guys on the PL but I have a feeling it won't...
  14. whitenemesis

    My CLS Latest Mod ... AMG Plackette on Shifter Knob

    Just fitted this little beauty. Neatly covers the boring plain silver false button. I think quite discrete and in keeping with the original interior.
  15. E

    Mr Shifter - now a problem with S211?

    I have had all sorts in the back of my S211 estate over the years from fridges, tables and chairs, to kitchen sinks, the lot. Last weekend, it was a big leather sofa from my son's house to the local tip and we just about managed to get it in through the tailgate. Now I keep getting a warning to...
  16. 350_Coupe

    AMG Aluminium Shifter Paddles

    Finally got myself a replacement steering wheel for my C Class (A171 460 45 03) - and it was a good price, so i think i can afford to get the palstic paddles swapped for the AMG ones before i have it fitted to the car. So does anyone know the best place to pick up some of these from ? is it...
  17. J

    C250TD W202 Ratchet shifter

    Hi, Ive got an auto c250td and i want to fit a ratchet shifter, Anyone done this before? And can it be done? Cheers Brett
  18. alano

    Looking for a gear shifter auto

    Hello ...... I am looking for a gear selector for my clk 230 convert able 2002 model. I think it's a w208 and is part auto part automatic gear selector. Looking for new one as mine is goosed. Can anyone help ?
  19. L

    W211 E220 CDI - Shifter Pops Out of 1st Gear

    2003 E220 CDI Engine OM646.961, trans 716.649 - manual shift six speed, 138k miles Every so often when I let out the clutch in 1st gear she pops out with a hellacious bump and of course the engine revs away. I put it back in and she takes off as normal. Happens more often if I'm in a hurry...
  20. O

    C32 AMG Gear Shifter Label

    Hello, I have just purchased a C32 AMG and I need to order a new label for my gear shifter stick. Does anyone know where I can purchase one without going to MB Main Stealers? Thanks in advance, Otis.
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