1. Suky Sangha

    CLS 55 AMG steering wheel paddle shifters

    Got the paddles installed from Gordon/Andy today. Great product and service. :)
  2. R

    W203 paddle shifters

    I have searched and cannot find the info i want. Will any mercedes paddle shifters work with the w203? For example R230 or W204 ones?
  3. blondee

    Paddle Shifters... Thoughts?

    So my new CLC has paddle shifters... I've used them once and thought 'What the hell?' Then 'What is the point!' Can anyone change my mind on this because I love driving a manual sometimes just to thrash it about a bit but I don't get that with this so I'm just leaving it in auto and thinking...
  4. G

    E280 Sport paddle shifters.

    I have a late 2006 E280 Sport with the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. I rarely use them but when I did the other day, the down shift wasn't working correctly. On further inspection I noticed that the unit was not located correctly in the wheel and would probably come off if I...
  5. karozza

    R230 SL55 AMG Paddle shifters

    I'm curious if there are any aftermarket paddles that can be attached to the steering speed shifter buttons to make them work as paddle shifters??
  6. whitenemesis

    722.6 Control Menu and Paddle Shifters

    Just came across some interesting videos - shows what's possible in configuring the 5G 'box. vH0kkp6WSss DLmaMMUfxPw Z7gg0ejD0YA vxgUkKPyp6o
  7. S

    C55 steering wheel shifters

    Hey folks, been looking at C55's recently and noticed one on Pistonheads has paddles where the others have buttons. Is that because this one is slightly newer or has a previous owner retro fitted these? Maundrell and co ltd : Mercedes C55 AMG C55 AMG
  8. timskemp

    W204 paddle shifters

    What's the best way to get aluminium paddle shifts for my W204 sport (like the C63) - not that bothered about the wheel but the plastic paddles look and fell cheap.
  9. gtione

    Question about paddle shifters on E350

    Hey all, I collect my E350 next week but it has just dawned on me that I never tested out the paddle shifters on either of my two test drives. There were so many other things to try out. Do these offer any benefits over the standard auto shifting? I.e. is the shift any faster than normal or...
  10. R

    Retrofitting Paddle Shifters

    Hi all i've got a '09 W204 C200K with the 4 spoke steering wheel and I ran across this W204 C-Class 07+ AMG C63 Carbon Steering Wheel shifter:eBay Motors (item 400096004919 end time Feb-06-10 03:39:21 PST) Now I've searched thru the forum but not seen anything abt retrofitting the W204 model...
  11. B

    7G Tronic sytem...does that have wheel shifters?

    just wondered if all 7Gtronic gearboxes had gear shift leavers on the steering wheel?
  12. A

    Fossil Ivory gear shifters

    as the header says, custom gear shifts made from any material including fossil ivory (very expensive) I was talking to a friend who is one of the top wood turners in the world this afternoon, he said he can lathe virtually any material to create custom gear shifts including peoples own...
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