1. B

    W204 paddle shifting from d to d1 everytime

    Hi all, Apologies if im posting in wrong area as this is my first time posting. Have a w204 c class 250 cdi sport 2009. Everything to my knowledge is fine. Had car on general diagnostic computer (snap-on but I know its not as good as STAR) a few times never with any issue but any time i ever...
  2. D

    ml270 automatic not shifting gears up or down

    hi all I have an ml270 128k miles which is running fine, kick back works/no smoke etc etc but it has suddenly stopped allowing you to manually shift up and down the gears About twice a month it will go into a limp mode and I just turn it on and off then its good again, driven every day so...
  3. S

    W208 Not shifting up When Cold

    Hi all, I already happen to know the trigger / cause of this problem as a specialist resolved it for me previously. This issue is most prevalent when the car is cold. I notice that when the gears do not shift up the orange light around "D" is not illuminated (need lights on to see this...
  4. OJLane

    W212 E350 CDI not shifting till 2500 - 3000 revs

    Hi all, I started having an issue today in my 2009 E350 CDI with 140,000 miles on it, my drive into work was fine, 25 mins wish with A roads and motorway, shifting and power was fine. I stopped the engine for about 5-10 minutes and ever since then it will not shift to the next gear until...
  5. E

    W203 Transmission Lever Shifting Problem

    Hi, The last several days, the following issue happened about 3 times. When parking the car after a drive, upon moving the lever from Drive into Park, the lever would not go past Neutral. It would encounter some kind of barrier, limiting its movement upward into Reverse and beyond it into...
  6. P

    2008 W211 E280 Two jerks, slight clunks when shifting from park to reverse?

    Hi Folks, Just received the car back from mechanics after it had a transmission oil and filter change. Now I am not entirely sure whether the following used to occur of whether I noticed it since I was conscious of the work that had been carried out. When I shift from park to reverse I feel...
  7. D

    w211 E280 CDI gear shifting problem

    Good day, i got a 2006 model. please advise on the following issues 1. shifting from N to R is a problem, i have to release brakes a bit to move the lever. 2. how can i check software version of the vehicle, oil check procedure does not work, which models support this function. the car is a...
  8. M

    1997 C250TD Transmission not shifting into 2nd gear

    Hi guys, My uncle has a 1997 Mercedes W202 C250 TurboDiesel (2.5L OM605 engine) with manual (5-speed) transmission. On the clock about 220,000 miles His transmission is showing the following symptoms: Doesn't want to shift into 2nd gear (from 1st of 3rd). The moment you put it in 2nd it...
  9. T

    Transmission bangs when shifting (Morning only)

    Good evening, I have a S500 (W220) and since I bought it, the car jolts when coming to a stop. This occurs only in the morning. Once the car is warmed up, the transmission is very smooth. From "jolts", I mean that the transmission bangs when shifting. So, I changed the fluid, filter, pan...
  10. T

    7G Tronic cold shifting question.

    Hi, this is my first post on here and hopefully its not going to be one that ends up with me being told the gearbox in my new car is nackered :D Anyway, the car I have just bought (09 C320 CDI) seems to not change gear as smoothy when stone cold as it does once has done a couple of miles. By...
  11. Azim

    w221 S320 Jerky Transmission and High RPM before shifting

    Hi, I have a diesel S class 3.2 06 plate which is has some transmission issues. I am hoping that someone can help me with their experience/knowledge. The car has 140k miles and the torque converter has been replaced tt try resolve the issue but it hasn't made any difference. The issues is...
  12. W

    Quicker autobox shifting cls 55 amg?

    Anyone fitted this or similar. Transmission TCU Upgrade AMG CLS55 Transmission TCU Upgrade AMG CLS55 [TCU-E-219] - £399.00 : CKS Performance I must admit, having now spent time with the car, the gear change can be frustratingly slow, slower than my old 530. Is there something that could...
  13. L

    w124 m104 rough idle stalling and not shifting gears help

    Good day, my name is Lucian. This is my first post here, sadly it is of a problematic nature of my car and i seek your opinions and guidance to aid in resolving the issue. I will start with some facts about the automobile. It is a MB 300ce coupe produced in 1990 with a five speed automatic...
  14. B

    w202 250TD gearbox not shifting?

    Hi there! I've just bought a '96 C250TD w202 with a broken diff.. I changed that, and i though everything was well - Wrong! I have some box problems.. When shift it in D, and drive away, it accelerates to the first shift marker in the speedo, and then it tops at 4500 rpm. and that it.. I...
  15. shshivji

    7 speed auto, shifting from 2-1

    Hi there, quick question, i took my car for a drive tonight and put the auto into s mode, it initially drove perfect, but after a while when i stopped at lights i noticed a disctintive jerk when it down shifted from 2nd to 1st, so i'm Wondering if this is normal or do i have a problem...
  16. N

    W203 shifting at 2000 rpm and then dropping down to roughly 800 - 1000rmp

    Is this normal in any gear revs hit 2000rpm before gear shifts upwards. Even when starting the car. Once the new gear has been reached revs suddenly drop. When putting foot down around 60 mph rpm hit near redline before upshift and then shift much quicker after. This normal?
  17. E

    7G Tronic - manual gear shifting

    Had a test drive in a SLK which had the paddle shift. When using the paddles on upshifting I could see the gear display going up 1,2,3 etc but on getting to 6 the next paddle operation displayed D. I was also watching the rev counter and in addition feeling the slight surge when shifting...
  18. allias

    S210 Problems shifting from D to R

    Well I have a problem with one of my Mercs. Its a 2002 320CDI with 4 spd auto gearbox and it has problems shifting from D to R. That faults is intermittent. Sometimes after long drive I have some luck to get it shifted. On other hand it drive and shift,downshift gear without any problems. Seems...
  19. sub_zero

    W124 rough transmission shifting

    Hi all, I have my W124 for 7 years now,really happy miles (apart from changing the wiring harness :wallbash:),I got used to every thing in it. Few days ago I went with a friend to see another W124 for sale,I drove it and I discovered that the transmission shifting is very very smooth(you...
  20. Druk

    Shifting over to BT.

    As per the title. This is supposed to happen on Wed 3rd. What happens to any incoming mail on my old server, say for the next month or two? (Tiscali). Bt helpline were a bit vague. Also, any advice on making the switch as painless as possible please. :(
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