1. M

    w211 Braking shimmy at slow speed

    Hi All, Having an issue with my w211 saloon, e270cdi 177k. When braking from high speed, it slows down with out any issues. Its only when going from 30-25mph to zero, is when the car whole shimmys OR weird slow shake before coming to a halt. Last mot identified a n/s/r carrier bush...
  2. merc85

    s211 Steering Shimmy Deep joy lol

    Recently had both forward front arms changed, the brands were different, the car has developed a steering shimmy 48 -56 mph, just feel it when i have a light touch on the steering wheel. Ive also been getting a creaking from the nsf which im thinking is the forward lower arm agian which was...
  3. inetd

    Steering wheel shimmy - HELP!

    My 98 S500 steering wheel shakes in the 40-55mph speed range only during normal driving. Below or above that speed it disappears. Hard braking in that speed range amplifies the shake quite a bit. But as soon as the car slows down, it goes away. Wheels are chrome 16" Mercedes, and show some...
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