1. B

    Wanted: R230 Suspension Shims

    It it probably a long shot but would anyone have or know where I could get the rubber shims that sit inside the top mount of the front suspension. These would be from a non-ABC SL (350 or 500). Mercedes reference 230 321 01 84 I have tried MB UK and there are none currently available in...
  2. s2oty

    W208 CLK430 spring shims / nibs

    I managed to get 4 H&R lowering springs and two new rear Bilstein shocks for the winter run a round as I felt it sat too high previously. Had them fitted today and whilst the ride is dandy I think the rear is just a tad too low. Can anyone confirm what sizes the shim nib pads come in and are...
  3. V

    W202 Spring Pads/Coil Shims - PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I recently bought a set of H&R Springs for my W202 C200 Sport. After reading more into it, im worries i wont get a noticeable drop and came on to the subject of the above mentioned. Does any one know where or how i can find the size (MM) of what is on my car now, without having to get it...
  4. J

    my w202 c250 now with 4DOT 17mm rear shims fitted

    these are the latest pics of the car, since changing the rear suspension pads from 1 dot to 4 dot pads. car now sits much better than before. much happier. might even drop the front by a couple of dots in the future, but will see... oh and Mr sheen polish works a treat too....just waiting for...
  5. JonathanC250

    w202 #1 Spring pad shims

    Hi there, A set of 4 (front and rear) #1 spring shims for facelift 202's and 210's but i dont know if they are year specific. I ordered these for my car, but then looked and these are already fitted to mine! So, now on offer to any of you guys who fancy them? £ 10 Contact Via PM Thanks
  6. BillyW124

    Rear 124 Shims

    Hi Guys, any chance of getting 4 bump shims for the rear? apperntley the maximum for the rear is only 3 bump. the fronts go to a max of 4 bumps. Can the fronts fit the rears? FYi (Shims are the pads that sit on top of the springs, the bumps indicate thickness. 1 = thinest 4 = thickest).
  7. neilireland

    Mercedes 190 2.5 cosworth shims

    Hi guys Having trouble getting two more shims for my cosworth.:wallbash: I have had the shims on back order from mercedes for the last 5 weeks. Im looking for two 3.20mm shims does anybody have any????:thumb: Many thanks Neil
  8. proser

    Spring Shim Thickness - how to identify

    Can soneone help me in identify where the 'burls' are on the shims, just so I can work out what ones I have currently
  9. A


    Firstly apologies for bringing them up, I know that there are loads of threads on them but I am having a bit of trouble working out a definitive answer. I have a w208 320 Elegance and I have finally got my rep 18" AMG alloys refurbished and have put new tyres on. They have never actually been...
  10. C

    suspension shims

    hi chaps i have a suspension question ive got a 98' clk 320 elegance which ive lowered on eibach springs but the front sits a little too high my question is regarding the rubber shims fitted to the top of the springs are there any 'rules' to which models elegance, sport, ********** have a...
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