1. MikeHartley

    Triplewax waterless clean and shine

    Currently on offer at Wilko for £2 for a litre. Just triedit and very impressed with the results - the BEST thing about it was that it masked the horrible swirl marks that were driving me nuts... Highly recommended.
  2. uumode

    Last weekend application of Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer

    My usual clean with Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer Haven't used water for like 10 months, perhaps I'm pushing it, but monitoring swirl marks under LED light.
  3. T

    New 1995 sl Owner - Diamondbright Shine...

    ...son (mobile bodyshop) gave me some Diamondbright glazes so after applying AG SRP I applied (very easy) the 2 stage product with the following results...
  4. Alex225

    Who says silver can't shine!

    Well I've never really found silver (along with white) a particularly satisfying colour to detail. Excellent at hiding dirt not so satisfying at giving a shiny finish. That is until the sun came out after I'd washed the E. Looks like last weeks hard work has paid off. Combination of DA...
  5. N

    Menzerna endless shine

    I've always been well into my detailing sprays. So I thought I'd give this a whirl. It's awesome stuff. Leaves a wax worthy shine behind and buffs off really easy.
  6. A

    Tyre shine finishes it off

  7. R

    Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml £5:52 delivered

    Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml £5:52 @ Eurocarparts using promo code CLUB2008OC
  8. R

    SONAX SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer

    This has got to be one of the best products on the market £6.99 from ECP can be used after wax or without .. just wash the car as usual you can leave it wet ( can be used as a drying agent ).. use the BSD sparingly ! spray on panel one or two squirts ( a little goes a long way )and wipe with...
  9. cliveBRABUS

    Essex Mercedes show n shine

    The Queens Head Pub Tolleshunt D'arcy Essex Date Sat 11 July starts at 12 pm Prizes for best in class :thumb:
  10. nutrunner

    Demon shine

    hi all can i use demon shine :confused:snow foam shampoo , on the soft top of my clk320 convertible 03 as a cleaner
  11. ringway

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Jerusalem.

    I love it! :cool: D97gP-1zyqQ
  12. SANJP

    Westside show & shine 2014 - 28.09.14

    Hi folks just wanted to invite you all to the Westside Show its a great chilled out german car show with a awesome atmosphere food and music , some amazing cars and trophys to be handed out for the best other class ( mercs , bmw ) and best of show , you never know you may win so come on down for...
  13. cliveBRABUS

    Essex Mercedes show and shine

    Location The Queens Head Pub Tolleshunt D'arcy Essex. open to MB's only, PRIZES to best in class :rock: Date to be set but looking at mid August The meet will be for Mercedes Benz parking only So please show your interest ?:bannana:
  14. A

    Some swirls and want a deep shine ?

    Hi guys I have not long brought my metallic Palladium silver c250 it has some swirling on roof guess from a car wash or poor washing, Anyway looking for a good product to use to remove or hide these and get a good deep shine ??? Will be doing it by hand Iam a great fan of meguiars have...
  15. developer

    Obsidian Black - how to shine and protect?

    Hello guys - here's the project: The paint is only three years old, but I saw Lefry's super Obsidian Black CLK yesterday and his paint is great - much deeper and smoother than mine. He's recommending a series of Poorboys products after a clay op. Is there a way of treating the usual stone...
  16. Palfrem

    WOW Shine

    WOW? Waterless Cleaning Products Was given some of this yesterday, any others used it? Quick test squirt, it works quite well. Shifted bugs and left a shine. The two towels are nice quality.
  17. bob6600

    FREE sample of Greased Lightning Showroom Shine pack

    A Showroom Shine Sample Pack Free Just Complete The Online Form. No Water, Hosepipes Or Shampoo Needed. Great On Metal, Glass, Plastic & Paintwork. Clean & Wax Your Car In Under 30 Minutes. Each Bottle Is Enough For Up to 10 Cars.
  18. M

    Interior dash shine

    Hi all Can anyone give any recommendations for a quality dash cleaner that can remove glossy shine. The car is a W211 facelift and the dash and the upper parts of the door panels shine like chrome when the sun is out! They even shine when its cloudy but a lot less. I hope the dash trim on these...
  19. B

    Hideous shine

    How do I get rid of the hideous shine MB sprayed over my internal plastic, Thanks.:mad:
  20. C

    I am going to make the sun shine for the next two or three months

    Tomorrow I go into hospital for a 6 hour operation to remove a tumour, shorten my oesophagus and relocate my stomach upwards. I cant say I am looking forwards to it, its not so much the actual operation more the initial few weeks after it. I will be in hospital for about 3 weeks and convalescing...
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