1. J

    A shiny GLE once more...

    A sunny afternoon means a chance to bring the GLE shine back! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. RyanMuller

    Shiny new Brembo's!

    Just fitted some new front discs and pads. Got 345mm drilled Brembo discs with Mintex pads off Ebay brand new for £140. Pretty good deal I thought.
  3. RyanMuller

    Shiny new Brembo's!

    Just fitted some new front discs and pads. Got 345mm drilled Brembo discs with Mintex pads off Ebay brand new for £140. Pretty good deal I thought.
  4. C

    estate roof bars - how to make shiny new

    Hello, I have w204 estate and as such the roof bars, which i think are chrome plated!?! what is best way to cleam them as a wash a dry they have lost shine and look all matt and dull Neil
  5. rom1


    Cleaned today using claybar Auto glym super resin polish Auto glym extra gloss protection Auto glym fast glass Poor boys wheel sealant car plan tyre slik Usually, just wash, dry and quick detailer. Today had some extra time to use everything I've be meaning to try. wheels got treated...
  6. W

    Leather steering wheel rim too shiny ...

    10 years and 95,000 miles have left the leather rim of my Viano's steering wheel polished smooth and shiny. I would like to restore it to something like its original texture so it is less slippery. What would be a good way of achieving this?
  7. M

    Anyone after a shiny CLS?

    Super Encrusted with 1 Million Crystals MERCEDES-BENZ CLS 350 | eBay
  8. JethroUK

    Shall I treat my shiny Merc to a new plate for Xmas?

    My initials are CJK Found this plate for £399 Seems like a good price Shall I treat my shiny Merc for Xmas?
  9. L

    The Shiny CLK!

    Thought I'd share the results of my hard work after repairing the stone chip and the rotary polishing.
  10. martyp87

    My shiny CL55 AMG...

    Hello all, Got my CL back from the body shop on Tuesday, bonnet resprayed, roof resprayed, 2 dents removed by PDR and wheels refurbed. So I took today off work as she is going into the dealer tomorrow morning for an oil change and also the fact it's meant to rain tomorrow which would be an...
  11. ioweddie

    How Shiny is yours

    Just spent the morning polishing!!!! Knackered now Reflection in paintwork shot below. (spot the dandlion, gardening next job) Shame the wheels are corroding after only 6 months see pic below. Hoping Meercedes are going to replace all 4 under warranty, claim in, lots of other...
  12. B

    My big, shiny silver estste

    Well my daughter's christening is coming up this weekend and it's about six months into my ownership of my E class estate, so I thought it deserved a slightly more comprehensive job than usual from the mobile valet. As a tribute to the chap who turned up while it was still dark and worked away...
  13. aquanaut

    My Shiny C55

    Hello, just thought i would put up some pics of my C55, bought it 3 1/2 years ago with the supaguard protection. However just had it clayed and paint protected by very good detailers in Kintore, Aberdeenshire. They did a great job and i am delighted with it! Unfort the pictures do not do it...
  14. neilz

    W140 - shiny!

    I thought I would give my W140 long wheelbase if not a full detail a bit of one. I used warm water and a clean sponge to give it a quick wash (removed all loose dirt). I then used the Autoglym clay-bar and quick detailer to clay-bar the whole car (incredible how much was on the bit of clay...
  15. englishdas

    what is this shiny long box thing?

    Just wondered what this is between the engine/fuel lines on the left and the inlet manifold I'm the right. The long shiny box type thing?
  16. E

    E55K shiny black

    Just after a good clean
  17. nigel cross

    Shiny Steering wheel

    Any ideas on how to get my steering wheel leather back to its original matt finish, as its all shiny now?
  18. R

    Big Shiny Classic Merc Hubcaps; for 14 inch wheels

    5 Big Shiny Hubcaps. Will not fit my W124 as it has 15 inch wheels so I assume they are for Mercs with 14inch wheels They are steel and have had the middle bit thats red, err, painted red. Yellow under the red. Paint stripper should get it off or elbow grease Some scrapes around the outer edge...
  19. ringway

    My shiny new Sador wheel from Euromerc.

    Having duffed my 5, hole Sador wheel with a bad puncture last weekend I needed a new one. :mad: The wheel. I had prices from MB dealers, euro car parts, and all the usual places.. Non were as competetive as Nick Mercedes at Euromerc. I saved a lot of money and the delivery was...
  20. blondebier

    Nice and shiny 230TE W124

    The weather was great in East Sussex today, so I took the opportunity to do a few jobs on the car. The best one was giving it a good clean and a wax! I think it was Andy_k that suggested Boora Wax was worth a try. So I did and this is the result... Not bad for a 17 year old girl!
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