1. ringway

    The homeless men building their own homes from shipping contaoners.

    Paul was homeless for 17 years. The number of people sleeping rough has risen for six years in a row in England. And until six months ago, Paul was among them. Then he met Jasper Thompson, the founder of Help Bristol's Homeless. Since then, together with several other homeless men, they've...
  2. John Jones Jr

    eBay GSP (Global Shipping Programme)

    Guys, Can anybody enlighten me as what this eBay GSP actually is? Is it anything to take note of? I ask as everytime I buy something on eBay and it delivered by the GSP system eBay make a big fanfare out of it, loads of emails and I always seem to receive an email telling me the item is...
  3. C

    E63 Off-Road Downpipes with Free Shipping from the USA

    I found this on another forum and figured it would be of great interest here. The guys that made the RADO downpipes (World Motorsports), are now making a new updated down pipe for the E63 and they are offering free shipping anywhere in the world. They also dropped the price by a bit. I think...
  4. E

    Delivery tracking

    I have had a new w205 on order since April. Dealer has told me that car was built on 12th August but won't be with them until end of September. Is there anyway I can track the shipping progress
  5. SilverSaloon

    car transportation companies that deal with shipping

    Hi Can anyone recommend any companies that would collect a vehicle from my house in Scotland and transport it (via low-loader/transporter) to Hull and put it on a ferry? I'm selling a car and the purchaser (who is genuine, not a scam, club member etc) lives abroad. I need an easy way of...
  6. Felstmiester

    Shipping costs??

    Haven't a clue!! But with all the carbon goodies coming up on eBay at such realistic prices from China is it worth a dabble? A lot of the prices I've noticed doesn't include shipping or import duties.
  7. MD5

    Shipping an alternator to the US

    A friend in LA needs a car alternator urgently, which should be delivered to me on Saturday, and I'll ship it out on Monday. Can anyone recommend the quickest (and best value for money) way of doing this please? TIA.
  8. KillerHERTZ

    eBay Global Shipping Program Postage

    Just sold my broken Nexus 4 to a buyer who turns out to be located in Spain. The address is: GSP Shipping Centre, 1 Langham Park Ref # ID Removed for Obvious Reasonds South Normanton Derbyshire DE55 2GF United Kingdom Which initially I thought was a scam or somthing odd. After...
  9. D

    Ebay - Global Shipping Programme

    Just a note to others - buyers or sellers - this new programme from Ebay looks great, but does not deliver... Recently bought using this. It's taken the item 8 days to get to the shipping centre in the US. It then apparently gets stuffed in a Container to get over here in a another couple...
  10. F

    [QUESTION] SLS W201 shipping

    I'm selling SLS that was installed in the 190 16v that I took the mechanics from. My question is if any of you might know how much it would be to ship to the UK from Portugal. I'm also questioning because I've never sent anything abroad.
  11. E

    Car shipping gone wrong

    Oh dear:crazy: 38jDQkkaxT8
  12. grober

    UKIP shipping forecast followed by the Ukip map of the world.
  13. A

    W124 Supersprint exhaust shipping to the UK

    Hello everybody, As many members may know, I was searching for an exhaust for my w124. I succeeded to get a supersprint at a great price. However it is in the US and the seller has no idea how to send it to the UK. I would be thankful if you guys could recommend me a good shipping...
  14. Chrishazle

    Shipping Wheels By Courier - A Recommendation

    I have just shipped a set of 4 x 16" immaculate rims with almost new winter tyres from just outside Ashford, Kent to central Lancashire using Direct Courier Solutions. I have no conection with this company, but they have done such a good job I would like to bring it to the attention of the...
  15. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    ....especially to the other side of the, shall we say, a little stressful Went in, in perfect condition. Fingers crossed it comes out that way! Presently in the Gulf of Aden, doing 20mph :) One down, three to go.
  16. bh13coupe

    Shipping a high value consignment to the United States

    Guys need some wisdom. I work for an IT firm who has a client with an office/site in Florida and several in the UK. They have aproached us to do some work in their Florida office. This will involve around £100k worth equipment (1 pallet) to be shipped from UK to Florida. My question is...
  17. Gollom

    iPAD - £380 + shipping (located Preston)

    One of the guys at work has just won an iPAD and is looking to sell it. Still sealed and he only got it last week. Not sure how keen that price is but I know it is non-negotiable Thought I'd pop it on here if anybody is after one - established members only please :)
  18. A


    I am looking to ship my blk series out later this summer from Evosport in America. Has anyone done this before and if so do you know of a reputable shipper. tks
  19. Barbanasos

    Wheels shipping to Europe.

    Pretty much as the title says. I need to send some wheels I bought here, over to Greece. I know some members trade wheels and parts in general and just wondered if anyone could recommend a company from experience. The wheels are 18 inch and have Tyres on as well, but could throw these away as...
  20. SportsCoupeRich

    Shipping costs.

    Hi - trying to get a rough idea of shipping one pallet loaded up with goods from Russia to the UK. Has anyone an idea of the ballpark figure via the various means? Weight would be c. 350kg. Thanks as usual.
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