1. tonyc280


    well earlier today i contacted quite a number of dealers and offering my 1997 c280 face lift with FSH as a px and the most i was offered was £250.00. looks like i'll be sticking with it for now then. T.:confused:


    My cherised 12 year old Eclass was mocked by a local bodyshop when we went to have a quote for some rust repairs. " I wouldn't bother he said just run it into the ground." :eek: Now I look after my car as I cant afford a newer one. I dont work for a company who gives me a £50,000 voucher to...
  3. uumode

    OK not new news, but I was shocked.

    I know it happens, but was shocked at the proportion of bad servicing - over 75% of service centres service cars incorrectly
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