1. unclebuck

    replacement front shocks and springs

    My first post here and hopefully a solution! I have a 2005 clk 220 cdi i believe this is a W209? for a little while when going over a section of rough road i would hear clunking and what sounded like a washer rattling around. Today just as i got off the phone to mercedes booking in my B...
  2. R

    Possible New Front Shocks B200 Turbo W245

    After some advice guys. Last MOT gave an advisory that both front shocks have a light misting of oil. Any advice on which brand to go for? Cheers.
  3. Ben320cdi

    What shocks, lowered E350 Cab?

    I have dropped my E350 cab with HR springs. Stance is great car looks cool and generally drives well. However if I hit a dip/yump in the road the car will almost take off. I'm assuming I could do with a slightly firmer shock to go with the springs. I don't want the car to knock all my fillings...

    Mercedes abc shocks and valves

    Hello, For sale two rear shock absorbers for ABC suspension. Fits on W215 AND W220. Both have just been remanufactured. 450£ EACH Two valve blocks for ABC as well for W215 AND W220, comes with new oil seal kit.- 300£ each 07948729766 :rolleyes:
  5. B

    Help please, grub, screws bottom of front shocks.

    Hi, I need to change the bottom lower rear front suspension arms on my w220 but where the shock absorbers sit onto the bottom arm ball joint it is held by two grub screws, now they are solid; I tried and they just wouldn't move, now I didn't know if i could apply heat to them as they are gas &...
  6. W

    1992 w124 300ce replacement rear shocks

    Hi everyone I was hoping some wise head would be able to advise me on replacing rear shocks. I've been looking at these: Reasonable? They don't come with protection gaiters though and these are proving tricky to find Anyone know where I can get...
  7. M

    Arnott Rear Air Shocks - Help

    So I am going to do a full write up - as I have learnt a few tricks over and above some of the other descriptions I have found, On the second side,it was down to a an hour or so to swap over. I think all has been succesful, but here is my problem, I have both sides absolutely flat on...
  8. anfieldassasin

    300ce shocks

    Guys does anyone have the OE part number for the front shocks for 1988 300ce? It's standard spec not Sportline or anything like that. The merc parts guy couldn't figure it out from his catalogue exactly he eventually came up with 124 320 30 30 about 300 and something for both but added discount...
  9. H

    W211 front shocks avantgrde

    Hi All. Can anyone help me? I need to get new shocks on the front of my 2002 w211 and I am way confused on type I need. Does anyone know if I have sports suspension and a standard chassis? Looked at loads of places to buy them but the fitting descriptions vary so much. Can anyone supply a part...
  10. L

    Mercedes W204 Electronic Suspension Replacement Shocks! Help!

    Hi guys, I currently have Mercedes W204 C320 with the sports package which I think include the electronic shocks. I was just wondering if i needed to replace one of these could I just use a standard sport shock and do away with the electronic shock? They are currently made by Monroe and...
  11. horgantrevor

    Advice on ads shocks w210

    I I'm looking for a link to any company or seller of w210 estate ADS suspension I'm looking for drivers front shock but I think I'll change both if I can get them with out going to main dealer
  12. carat 3.6

    W124 Koni sport ajustable front shocks

    I've got custom shocks coming for the wagon so these are no longer needed. Pair of front Koni Sport adjustable shocks to fit w124's, part number: 8741-1092SPORT Will also fit w201's and r129's with a 6cyl engine. These are 6 month's old and work perfectly, still shiny yellow not rusty old...
  13. D

    C124 sportline shocks

    Is anyone able to point me on the direction of a suitable replacement rear shock for a 1993 c124 300ce with no self levelling suspension Thank you
  14. Andrew W

    Cls55 fitting new rear air shocks

    I I've decided to get both rear air shocks done and I'm having trouble getting someone to do the job ! Tried a few garages with MB experience and they say we will have to do some research into how it's done and the time we need . One said 5hrs per shock , but I know when your doing one the...
  15. isohail72

    Rear shocks 2001 W220 cdi

    Hi guys. I showed my car to the local non indi mechanic as knock sound was coming from rear pasanger side when car goes into ditch on the road. He advised both rear shocks are leaking. That's why sound of knock is coming. Secondly. He advised I need to change them as it's A MOT fail. Please...
  16. Ryanloco323

    Standard shocks good ??

    Be dropping the car in the next couple off weeks, what are the standard shocks like with eibachs on anyone done this ? I usually buy coilovers but don't fancy it on the merc. Cars also c250 Thanks ryan
  17. P

    W639 Bilstein B4's, Sachs or Monroe shocks?

    Just bought some H&R springs to go on my 2006 Vito. I want to replace my shocks as there is a small posibility they are creating my knocking noise. I have replaced suspension arms and steering arms but there is still a knock. It is likely to be the top mount but could also be the shock. As they...
  18. perryclk

    new front shocks for w209 200k

    hi my 2007 CLK 200k, has a leaking front shock, what is a good quality replacement and how much should i expect to pay a MB specialist to replace the two front shocks? thanks
  19. cooks


    I have been sold 2 shocks one being Boge 36-111-b, the other Sachs 115 069 would I have a problem fitting them to my E220 coupe 95..Also any views on Cobra lowering springs Co4830.
  20. 4n0y-merc

    Should I change shocks on a 10 year old CLK because the coil spring is broken

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can give me advice on replacing my CLK 2004 front shocks (gas type) I heard a bang whilst going over a dreaded speed bump and on closer examination I notice a broken front coil. Replacing it seems quit easy, however I'm thinking, its an 11 year old car, i had it...
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