1. D

    New shoes

    I've nearly worn out my favourite Brogues, I will see if the cobbler can resole once more and stitch up where it has become undone within the pattern. However, I have been looking at replacements as well. I have been recommended Duggers of London, for £99 they look like good value - Goodyear...
  2. B

    changing w163 handbrake shoes

    Hi Had my ml 270 in for test today and among another few bits it needs new handbrake shoes fitted. Any guidance on how to change them would be great. thanks in advance
  3. Crazyfool

    Which shoes.

    I'm currently running on Bridgestone Potenzas and they are rubbish. Rear wheel size is 265/35/18. Any suggestions as a replacement.
  4. C

    W203 C200 2005 handbrake shoes.

    Hi, I have purchased shoes from ECP, new shoes arrived without brake adjusters on them. Does anyone know which shoes will fit?? The ones that I ordered are 103220028.
  5. B

    Vito 108 1999 replace rear park brake shoes?

    Hi Does anyone have diagrams and instructions on how to replace the parking brake shoes on a Merc Vito 108 1999? Thanks,
  6. M

    Barker black shoes size 8 (AS NEW)

    These Barker shoes are slighty tight on me, only worn briefly on 2 occasions , £195 new. open to sensible offers PM me Thanks
  7. c_200k

    My E63 with it's new shoes

    Genuine 2 Piece AMG Wheels in 19" Let me know your thought's good and bad I'm not too sure on the wheels yet but I think they are much better than my old one's
  8. L

    Pagid brake shoes, a cautionary tale!

    Picked up some new Pagid shoes for my S203 as the original (Galfer) ones were crumbling. They were fitted with new adjusters and cable knuckles but when I went to fit the disc both sides would not go over the shoes despite the adjusters being in their smallest position. Once removed I checked...
  9. C

    Which bits do I need

    I have found a problem on my c class (manual) foot brake has been rubbish since I got it, MB checked it when they did brake fluid and said it was fine. I just took the wheel off to adjust it myself and saw that the adjuster is not lined up with the bolt, looks like it has been wound off the...
  10. M

    Is there a dummies guide to replacing brake shoes

    I have only just got into doing the mechanics Is there a guide prefably with pictures I have the Haynes but their photos are not clear enough for me Thanks to this site I have replaced a viscous fan clutch(£36), sorted the power steering fluid (£8-99)and replaced the heater controller (£10)...
  11. W

    rear brake shoes - the work of the devil

    Brake shoes, not something I suspect a MB owner has often met, but today I did for the first time. What a absolute sod of a job. Never again will I consider changing them, I'll happily pay the garage the 2-4 hours labour and enjoy a beer in the garden instead. /vent over :)
  12. M

    E320 CDI Rear Discs/Pads And Shoes.

    Just got back from the garage having had a few jobs done and I'm pleasantly surprised at the cost. But, I'm going to need new rear discs, pads and handbrake shoes. Seems the spring came loose on the o/s handbrake shoes and that was what caused the handbrake to fail. Worse still, the shoes...
  13. M

    E320 CDI Handbrake Brake Shoes.

    After full adjustment at the drums the shoes still don't hold the car when the handbrake is applied. The foot pedal is firm and the hand release is at a good tension so: If the adjustment is made at the drums is there any adjustment I can make on the cable under the back seat that will...

    New Shoes W202

    As I was struggling to find a matching wheel when repairing the car after its accident, I bought a set from a local wheel distributor. I wanted a set of genuine AMG wheels ideally but as I have just comeback from my honeymoon which was over New Year , the funds are a little tight. So I opted...
  15. SilverSaloon

    W124 estate rear brakes - any difference between 300TE and E300D?

    hi Is the rear brake disc the same on a 1991-1993 300TE-24 estate W124 as they are on a 1994 E300D estate? cheers! Derek
  16. C

    C124 - handbrake shoes?

    Mine need changing? Any ideas on parts required etc? Ease of change over..points to consider? I believe the problem was caused by my brother driving a few miles with the hand brakes i imagine they need replacing? Thanks gents.
  17. B

    rear brake shoes 190e, how to

    hi can any-one help with pics on how to fit handbrakes shoes to rear of 92reg 190e manual regards bill lpool
  18. st13phil


    Why can't I buy quality British-made shoes at a reasonable price that fit properly any more? For many years I've worn Barker shoes in a "G" fitting that fit like a glove, but Barker's products have fallen off a cliff in the last five years both in breadth of range and quality of product. Loake's...
  19. A

    Cleaned and Hovered Wifes car..... How many SHOES !!!! more for the girls me thinks..

    Ok so today I decided to give the wifes car a quick clean and hoover. There I am hoovering boot, couple of pairs of shoes ooh and three brollys...thought nothing of it. Then I do the rear mats and under the rear shoe...two shoes....three......four.....etc etc.... The picture...
  20. tudu

    My Car's New Shoes

    :D:D:D:D Finally stopped raining and managed to get newly painted Black Gloss and Lacquered AMG III's on. Bit dirty after the rain but should be nice and clean for the Midland GTG on Sunday. So pleased with final result thinking about getting the Kleemann TS-7's done as well. Click to enlarge.
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