1. M

    First wash and shoot

    Gave the new bus it's first wash last night and then took a few photos afterwards. Over the moon with the car. Hoping to change the rear balance and exhaust to c350 style or possibly c63 look. Don't want to take away the class look but would like to...
  2. merc85

    Little photo shoot with the s211

    Bored went for a drive she was clean anyway lol
  3. R

    Car Photo Shoot

    Well I bought my car with 3500 miles on it and I've doubled that to 7000 with a Scotland trip plus normal use. So I got some photos taken in Scotland to celebrate. (Lol. Any excuse!)
  4. M

    Three Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series photo shoot

    from the article: Mercedes originally planned to release just 650 units of the C63 AMG Black Series, but yielded to customer demand and dealership pressure, producing an additional 150. All 800 were snapped up two years ago, and with the new C63 on the horizon we will soon be waving goodbye to...
  5. Pilotprice

    Few photos of my c63 (semi pro photo shoot)

    Had a lad off another forum take a few pictures of my car last night, really impressed with them! Brochure worthy ha Loving the silver on silver combo at the minute! If anyone is local to warrington and want his details just pm me
  6. C

    380SL 107 for TV shoot at MB World

    Hi all, I'm after a 380SL 107 for a TV shoot at Mercedes Benz World. We're looking for a lady to drive the track and give her opinion on the car. She might be the owner of the vehicle or an enthusiastic partner. We will also be taking out the legendary Gullwing and brand new AMG for a spin...
  7. E

    Bear surprises Samsung crew on washing machine shoot

    Bear surprises Samsung crew on washing machine shoot - YouTube
  8. developer

    No Road Tax - I'd Shoot 'Em

    So it's the 4th Jan and someone points out to me that my tax expired in December :doh:. A roadside call to the wife and it's renewed online at 7.00pm. Thick or what :dk:.
  9. B

    BMW E30 Cabriolet in grey wanted for photo shoot

    I've been asked to locate a BMW E30 Cabriolet in grey or silver for a photo shoot in Ladbroke Grove. Ideally it will be a standard car with a leather interior. Condition is not the most important factor but the style & colour are crucial The car will be needed for a day. Date will be September...
  10. VB123

    Lambo vs SLR Top Gear shoot

    Hey all, Well, at 5am this morning, Abu Dhabi Police closed the Corniche Road (the main arterial road through Abu Dhabi) so the Top Gear team could drag race the SLR 722 and Lambourghini Murcielago SV through the centre of town. It was great to see the 722 whip the Lambo time after time...
  11. B

    W124 E500 wanted for magazine shoot

    I've been asked to source a W124 E500 for a magazine shoot for a well-known weekly car magazine. Probable dates are 20th or 27th February at Longcross in Chobham, Surrey If you have a tidy 500E or E500 W124, preferably standard, and can make it available for the shoot please contact me by email...
  12. 230K

    Festive Turkey Shoot!

    Enjoy Best after a few glasses of tinto.:D :D :D Just fluked 28340 230k
  13. F

    SEC W126 for photo shoot?

    I'm looking for a W126 SEC coupe to take part in a Classic Cars magazine photo shoot. Any 1979-91 model is OK, but it needs to be in fairly good condition as it's a studio shoot to illustrate a buyers guide. The when is some time next week (Aug 11-15), to be agreed, and the studio is by the...
  14. MangoMan

    Don't shoot me.......

    .... But I'm thinking of getting a Pajero or Jeep. A real cheap one, so if anybody knows of one going (locally), (for me), (that is), let me know...... Ciao. :) And I'm not the piano player either!....... :devil:
  15. T

    Someone shoot me...

    Worryingly I'm looking at a W204 C280 or C350 sport with the idea of actually parting with money :crazy: somethings gone wrong surely?! My current car has been nothing but a nightmare in my eyes. I really don't know whats going on because some of the cars lines make me cringe when looking...
  16. T

    Mercedes 190E Evo II for TV shoot

    Hello MB Club, I am a colleague of Marc Lis, who has been trying to source a SL55 AMG for The Used Car Roadshow on the Mercedesclub forum, and I am also looking for a rather rare model myself, the 190E Evo II. I appreciate that we're asking for quite a tall order in that the Mercedes we are...
  17. M

    If you dont shoot you dont score

    No,,Im not talking about the world cup. I thought I'd try this on ebay,,anyone interested
  18. W

    My PBMW Magazine Shoot)

    Well I got July this months current Performace BMW cover car so i got 7 pages and the centre fold lol I should have taken more pics of my drop top but my batt went flat :-(well i drove down to Bicester yesterday to get my car photoshoot for BMW. Met Mr Sweetman there. ALso took my painter with...
  19. A

    Don't shoot anyone on the way.

    The full story was in tohights local paper but this abount sums it up. In the paper it said he was told to walk the mile to the station to hand it in.
  20. Maff

    CL55 AMG Photo Shoot...

    Here are some new photo's of my CL55 AMG, copyright of Derek Goard
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