1. way318

    CLA Shooting Brake X117 - part missing

    Hi, does anyone know the part number for the Rear Wheel arch extension piece (Black Plastic part that stick out of the rear wheel arch) as noticed that the driver side one is missing. The passenger side one is there, but can't see a part number on it. Cheers
  2. sosen13

    cls 350 AMG shooting brake

    Hi there, first time on the forum. For last few years I was driving honda accord, which I keep but decided to go for second car and choosen mercedes cls 350 amg shooting brake so far I have paid deposit, and I shall collect on Saturday. Feeling so excited!
  3. M

    2013(63) mercedes cls350 cdi amg sport blueefficiency shooting brake estate auto

    Full Details Mercedes CLS350 CDI AMG Shooting Brake Estate BlueEfficiency Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 2nd September 2013 – 63 Reg • One Owner From New • 78,817 miles only with Full Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel Engine –...
  4. W

    CLS Shooting Break X218 rear lights

    Hi, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the rear lights of a CLS X218? I cant see the X218 being any different to the coupe if anyone has one for that? Thanks
  5. G

    CLS Shooting brake

    Does any one know how to remove the trim to get at the left rear tail lamp to replace it on the CLS shooting brake - i magine its the same as the S212 estate. I thought to remove the aluminium sill. I removed three TORX screws but it wont come free. There dont appear to be any other screws...
  6. W

    CLS Shooting Break Rear Bumper Removal X218

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone ahs any instructions as to how to do this as im wating to fit a tow bar to my CLS 350d AMG (X218). Thanks Jon
  7. jke11y

    W218 Shooting Brake / W212 estate and others - Thule dynamic roofbox and wingbars

    Hello, I spent ages (genuinely) researching roof bars and boxes for my upcoming road trip, to fit our W218 CLS Shooting Brake. I bought a correct set of Thule Wingbars in silver with the 3049 foot pack which will fit other cars incl 212 and I think 204 estates, as well as a Thule Dynamic...
  8. S

    CLS Shooting Brake

    Hi, Does anyone on here own a CLS Shooting Brake 2012/2013? Really need to know the Air-Con gas type. No sticker under my bonnet and Mercedes will not tell me what it is. They charge 70 and ATS through Groupon only 32 for full Air-Con service! Regards, Tom
  9. AnilS

    W218 CLS Shooting brake facelift (2015)

    As titled. Looking for a great spec in a dark colour. Must be the facelift model and 350 CDI bluetec engine. Low owners and mileage less than 25k preferred. Budget dependant on car but I have to be sensible ;)
  10. S

    Winter wheels/tyres for CLS X218 Shooting Brake

    I've got 19" wheels with summer tyres on my Merc,. front are 245/35/19 rear 285/30/19. I am looking to pick up some 18" wheels with tyre for the winter, but am totally confused as to what width rim/offset etc will ft my car. Has anyone bought wheels for a CLS or alternatively can someone...
  11. PaulXC

    Outgoing 2015 CLS 350d Shooting Break

    Well after just 12 months the CLS has gone … so, a few random thoughts and observations. Registered Dec 2014 but was 2015 MY. I bought at 19000 and took it to 34000 miles. Two minor issues so had to call Merc recovery twice. The fuel filler jammed close and the emergency release snapped...
  12. clk320x

    R129 Shooting Brake LOL

    Saw an interesting virtualisation of a an R129 shooting brake The above image is computer generated It has however been rumoured of a custom fabrication shop across the pond making one...
  13. Myclk55amg

    Cla 45 amg shooting brake

    I need some advice? Thinking of buying a cla 45 amg shooting brake any of you guys got one?
  14. DaveTheDrummer

    CLS 350 CDI Shooting Brake

    Hi guys. I am in a position to pull the trigger on a 63 plate CLS350CDI Shooting Brake. I test drove it today and was quite impressed. The poke is substantial. One thing stood out to me though: Almost zero torque converter pull. You know when you take your foot off the brake and the autobox...
  15. PaulXC

    W218 CLS Shooting Brake - Audio Upgrade Options

    Ok - I’m 10,000 miles in now with my 64 plate CLS 350 Shooting Brake and I think my only real complaint is the Audio. Mine is the premium spec so no Harman Kardon audio - ( to be honest I had HK in my last E350 Estate as I wasn’t overly impressed with it. I think the car was too cavernous...
  16. Critch

    Cls shooting brake Hello

    Hello my name is Critch, Wife owns: 63 plate C Class Sport plus, I own 65 plate CLS Shooting Brake Premium, Pictures to follow
  17. M

    2017 Mercedes CLA and CLA Shooting Brake Commercial

    2017 Mercedes CLA and CLA Shooting Brake Commercial [YOUTUBE HD]6UVQ6-_9Ohs[/YOUTUBE HD]
  18. M

    CLA shooting brake order

    Hi all, After years of enjoying my car allowance, a change in policy has meant that I have to change my car as it is now over 7 years old (age limit for car allowance eligibility). Rather than buying used again, I have been convinced to take up the offer of a company car. With a choice of...
  19. P

    Shooting in munich

    Europe certainly is an interesting place right now. Is this a Possible right wing nut backlash to Merkels policies?
  20. M

    2012 CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake - Battery qty & locations?

    Hi, i know its bad form for my first post to not be one that includes photos of my newly acquired pride and joy, but i have an urgent question... Does anyone know with 100% certainty how many batteries the car has and where they are? So far, two are located, one under the bonnet under a...
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