1. R

    Late night wish list shopping, I love AMG!!

    Couldn't sleep last night so I started the dangerous job of googling AMG and Mercedes etc. Found this beauty.
  2. W

    C63 Car Shopping at the weekend

    Hi, Looking at buying a C63 ( 12-13plate )at the weekend after spending months of reading through reviews, threads and adverts. Just a quick one, My e92 M3 had the I-drive system that you could check oil level, brake wear and service intervals etc aswell as a trip computer for checking...
  3. A

    Shopping trolley rash

    Now my wife understands why I don't go to the supermarket in my car:mad: She's only had it few months and some numpty has let the trolley crash into the wife's car. She said it was resting up against it when she got back to her car. She's fuming says she's going park in the corner away...
  4. A

    Any point in shopping around for parts?

    In the past, I've rung MB in Beaconsfield for quotes. Is it the same cost for MB parts in every dealership or can they offer individual deals? If the latter, where tends to be good? Alternatively, are there any good parts companies left on these boards? I've tried and failed in the past...
  5. Ted

    Shopping for jeans

    Went shopping for jeans today with Mrs Ted. Mrs Ted Goes into shop. Finds exactly the same jeans she bought last time. Holds them up to the light. Inspects them. Decides they are smaller than they used to be. Decides they may be a different colour. Decides that they are definitely lower...
  6. N

    Shopping Forum

    I came across this site a few days ago, they are just starting up. Please take a look, it may be of interest to you.
  7. W

    Sunday evening car shopping

    Today's whim.....I'm quite tempted by the thought of a fun <£3k car. Below are a few cars local to me. Help persuade me:) BMW 3 SERIES 3.0i 330Ci Sport 2dr Honda Civic 2.0i Type R 3dr Renault Clio 2.0 16V Renaultsport 182 3dr Ford Focus 2.0 ST170 3dr
  8. Reggie-rock

    Hernia op & Xmas shopping

    One week to go before I have my second hernia operation this year so while I am recovering will do all my Christmas shopping on line which will help ease the traffic at shopping centres by minus one car. Sorry for this boring Thread:wallbash:
  9. s88

    If all shopping malls were like this

    Almost makes shopping enjoyable!
  10. R

    Christmas shopping, arghhh!

    Have been really full on with my work recently, with no spare time, but thought I would take some time out today, so at 2pm today went to go shopping for wifey's presents before it was too late, after all Christmas is 3 and a bit days away, loads of time, bloody hell, an absolute nightmare, took...
  11. J

    £50 OCADO Shopping voucher for sale - £25

    Minimum spend is £80 but I have a code that will get you £50 off your shopping. Want £25 (will take paypal), unfortunately they dont deliver to my house. I got the voucher for spending over £500 for a new appliance.
  12. Sp!ke

    Man shopping

    If you're like me, normally you hate going shopping with a passion unless you happen to be shopping somewhere with tools and gadgets and toys and such like - a man shop if ever there was such a thing. Anyway, my favourite man shop in Kingston (that I've wasted far too much time and money in)...
  13. Nastynick

    Lottery Win MB Shopping List.....

    As its a £40Million+ jackpot tonight (Fri 24th Feb), I thought I'd throw a debate out there to see what would be on members list of cars they'd have in their stable once the check had cleared and the very large garage/small hangar had been constructed. I'll kick off with: 300SL "Gullwing"...
  14. LTD

    Off shopping tomorrow to the Apple Store ...

    Decided that my 7yo iMac G5 is due for replacement so I am heading off to the Apple Store with JSWMBO (as she means I get a 12% Higher Educational discount) to buy a new machine. I'm also opting for the heavily discounted 3yr Applecare. Looking at the 27" i5 model and have already ordered 16GB...
  15. chriss428

    w124 shopping list

    right then boys n girls heres a few items im after if any of you can help? 230 down pipe/ cheap stainless steal system estate spoiler front wings new but cheap lol cheap head unit dvd head unit system with a posable 2 secondary screens woodern manual gear nob cheers guys chris:thumb:
  16. neilz

    W124 E220 Coupe Azurite UK shopping list

    The car: a 1995 W124 E220 coupe, azurite blue, RHD UK I need: Both front wings Boot lock and key (but fitting will be a lot I think?) Steering wheel Rear coupe seat base (cream colour, mine has a grey patch on it) Passenger window regulator and motor (front left, coupe) Rear window...
  17. M

    Shopping cart - urgent need to migrate - suggestions?

    About 15 months ago I asked here about shopping carts and got some good advice, unfortunately, it's time to ask again... Because my cart provider EROL/Brightscape is in the throes of going bust. It's a pain in the backside, but every cloud has a silver lining, methinks, so I intend to use this...
  18. dog68

    shopping = Dent :(

    Well it had to happen sometime, go shopping come back to car, to find a lovely dent on passenger door:devil: Great.
  19. G

    Shopping List For A New Stereo.

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone advise me with whats needed to fit an aftermarket Kenwood headunit into a 2003 C180K Coupe. I want to retain the controls on the steering wheel but am also wondering if it shows the track numbers as it does with the Audio 10 which is currently installed. Also does...
  20. B

    Window Shopping - 2005/06 CLK55 AMG (W209) - As rare as rocking horse sh*t?

    Hi Lads/Ladies, I'm currently in the process of scouring the internet for 2005/2006 CLK55's just to build up an ideal of what I will be faced with when I'm ready to buy one later this year. I think I'm looking in all the right places i.e. Classified here, AutoTrader, Pistonheads, Exchange &...
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